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Team Bring It or Cenation?


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With the Biggest Match ever at Wrestlemania only 40 days away, These two mega stars are going to tear the place down with this match, as everybody knows its in Rocks Hometown of Miami which shows that the crowd are going to be pro-rock and anti-cena but for the better of the company isn't it better that the biggest working asset in all of pro-wrestling today is put over on the largest stage of them all? isn't it better for business and for the future of the product that cena beats the rock and attains himself as the greatest in the business, or is it better for the Hollywood Movie star to send the fans home happy at the end of the night with a victory over john cena, what ever happens this is going to be the match to watch at WM28 and if done the right way could live up to its title.

People of UKFF, i'm interested to see who you believe should win and why?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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