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Randy Orton


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I hope many years are left in him, imo he's one of the few legitimate "new" top stars around, wwe would be lacking even more if he wasn't around.


But i do have some concerns too your not alone man, it's not just the concussions, he's had his share of other injurys as well, and he also got caught multiple times years ago,for using illegal substances which might have long term effects too.


At least it's a good thing that consussions are taken seriously these days and he's getting properly evaluated/looked after by the doctors were as it used to be that wrestlers just kept going concussion and all,at least these days wwe has the balls to take a headliner of a ppv if need be instead of putting money first and sending him out there to wrestle hurt making everything worse.


I think it's too soon to hit the panic button but he should indeed be carefull and not get too many more serious injurys or he'll be the next edge someday, having to call it quits if he wants to live comfortably.

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