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Something very special is happening in New York


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Can anybody explain any of this to somebody who can't be arsed to watch the videos, but is at least curious as to what exactly is special about this?



Jeremy Lin was cut by two teams in the NBA , ( the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors) and was basically living on his brothers couch in New York whilst attempting one last shot at the NBA, he's put in about 7 top performances since he's been put in the side and has helped a floundering Knicks team turn around their fortunes without their star two players, Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire, who coincedentally have been struggling to play together despite being awesome players individually. It's a real rag to riches story at the moment but it'll be interesting if D'antoni sticks with him when the first choice PG returns, Baron Davis.

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Firstly, that ESPN image is shocking, i also noticed a couple of 'yellow mamba' signs in the crowd too... lost for words on those.


Anyway, ive been following this story and its unreal, for none basketball fans, imagine a footy player who plays for sunderland and they release him, then he signs for Aston Villa and they release him. Based on all of that he is down and out and his sleeping on his brothers couch, and then randomly an out of form Arsenal sign him, he plays four games and nets a hat trick in each game with a couple of assits.

On top of this, his position is Point Gaurd, to some extent, its like being the captain in an attacking mid position. Imagine the big game comes, its Arsenal vs Man City and Joe Hart is interviewd about this player, and Hart replies 'Who??'.

Then that player puts in his best performance and nets 4 and sets up 3.


Basically he has farted all over the NBA and has appeared from nowt. Its an amazing story.

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