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Best weaponry in films.


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This bad boy has to be my favourite. Its what inspired me to create this thread after reading Gladders smashing little write up in his Film Thread. This thing can and does do some serious damage in the movie, but more importantly than that - it matches his outfit:



Other favourites are Robocop's sharp opening device, which he can use to open police files he isn't authroised to look at or just stab people in the neck who are causing him a bit of grief that day. Its something you dont see every day as well, and is a nice surprise if you happen to find Robocop under tons of scrap metal and think he's defenceless



I also, always loved Casey Jones' bag of tricks that he carried around. He had a cricket bat, a golf club, a baseball bat and a hockey stick in that shoulder bag he carried around. And thats all we saw in the first Turtles film, so he might have had more. As far as vigilantes go, far better than Batman. And more realistic, which when you consider he's co-starring with 4 Chinese blokes wearing giant turtle suits, it takes some doing. Cool as fuck as well. Like a more humble Bret Hart, with a sense of humour. And he gets a shag, breaking the Bro code by stealing her off Raphael, who you could see fancied his chances with April himself.



Whats yours?

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