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Any old ntlworld email users?

John Matrix

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Long shot i know, but appreciate any advice on this.


I have an old ntlworld.com email address that i use through Outlook. I've never had a problem logging in, sending or receiving emails but last night when logging on to check it, i was asked to enter a username and password in a box headed something along the lines of "pop3 login"


The username was defaulted to my email address, and the password was pre-populated but asterisked (I dont recall ever setting up a password, but if i did it was forever ago and i've never had use for / been asked for it since.


I stress it never normally does that, i tried a re-boot and the same again. Has anyone else experienced this and know what i might need to do to fix it? I rang Virgin Media but gave up after 58 minutes on hold.



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