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Best Womens Matches


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With EVE on iPPV this weekend I ended up watching some of my favourite womens matches.

I was wondering, what are everyone's favourite Women's matches?


My personal favourite matches are


Mickie James vs Trish Stratus- WWE WM22


Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong- TNA Final Resolution (January) 2008


Ayako Hamada vs Sara Del Rey- Shimmer 28


April Davids vs Jenny Sjodin- EVE vs Ice Ribbon (Night 1)


What are you favourites?

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I haven't really enjoyed too many of the US based wrestling matches for quite some time, though the Bull Nakano v Alundra Blayze matches were pretty decent for the time (early 90's)

Have to agree with Chest, DreamSlam was the mutts nuts in terms of a superb all woman card.


I feel as though Womens US mainstream wrestling has gone backwards instead of offering wrestling, I think we can all agree WWE's diva division is as good as unwatchable. I'm hoping Kong/Kharma will be something of a saving grace for it, as she's been massively impressive in her Japan runs and US indy and TNA run.



My favourite womens matches of late are probably the following:


Yuzuki Aikawa vs. Hikaru Shida (08/01/2012)


Ayako Hamada vs. Aja Kong 08/01/2012)


Kana vs Kyoko Kimura (16/08/2008) - More of a fight than a wrestling match tbh


Hikaru Shida Vs Shuri (Can't recall the date - 2011)


Nanae Takahashi & Emi Sakura vs Yoshiko Tamura & Fuuka


Kana vs Serena Deeb (09/08/2011)

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