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PRO WRESTLING ELITE - Friday 27th of April - Ayr Town Hall

Pro Wrestling Elite

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PRO WRESTLING ELITE are delighted to announce their return to The Town Hall in Ayr for their next event on Friday the 27th of April 2012...


The six match card will feature a host of some of the very best talent in British Wrestling; and we are also very to proud to announce that TNA IMPACT WRESTLING STAR MARK HASKINS is confirmed for the event!!


For those not familiar with Pro Wrestling Elite, we are a relatively new promotion with intention of running events only a few times a year... For an idea of show quality, please be sure to check out the trailer for our first ever DVD release -


With that... We believe our MAIN EVENT needs no description...





















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So wish I was going to this show but with the IPW/NWE Show the next day. Its A No No for me


Gutted. With such an amazing card


the names on the IPW/NWE card just dont pull me in enough for what the trip would cost and its much easier and cost effective to jump on the mega bus for this :)

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Fans who have attempted to buy tickets from The Citadel box office will know that there has been an issue placing orders on the system and that tickets have thus far been unable to be distributed. The Citadel have informed us that now due to a contractual clause with Ticket Web they are unable to sell third party tickets from their box office. This is obviously not an ideal situation for us to be informed of at this stage and we do appreciate the patience of fans who have e-mailed us in the last week regarding this issue.


As of first thing tomorrow morning, tickets will be available from The Ayrshire Post. Their office is situated right in the middle of the high street which is only a few minutes walk from The Citadel itself and is actually closer to the event venue, The Town hall.


Tickets are priced:



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I know that the July show is getting all the attention right now, but this show does look amazing as well and doesn't deserve to be over-looked. I really wish I had the money to get up to Scotland in April as well, if just for the main event.


Dar vs Haskins really does sound like an absolutely fabulous main event. When they called it a "TV worthy main event" they really weren't kidding. I know Haskins is going to be back in England for the first real extended period after he started with TNA, but this match and his match against PAC really stand out to me as matches that have the potential to be truly exceptional and present Haskins as a TNA star and one of England's best exports, rather than that guy who botched the SSP at Wembley. Noam Dar is a guy who has a ridiculously bright future and I'm sure PWE are going to be the first of many promotions who build their promotions around him for the next few years as while he is crazy talented at just 18, imagine him in five years? He has the potential to be one of the world's best and the strength of not just the current wrestlers in the UK as well as the strong links that have been made with international promotions, the guy is really going to be wrestling the worlds best as his own star rises. He had Zack Sabre Jnr at the last show, a guy who had only just come back from three months in Japan with Pro Wrestling NOAH, and now he has the challenge of Mark Haskins, a guy who has come back to England with a vengeance after the past few matches I've seen of his, really showing what he hasn't been able to yet in TNA for whatever reason. As for the match itself, I can definitely see Dar aiming for the strikes and submissions and Haskins trying to pick up the pace and keep himself from being grounded by Dar. Both of these men have faced Eddie Edwards in an IPW:UK ring and if you were to watch both of those matches back to back you'll be able to see how well these two will match up. Edwards worked Haskins knee and attempted to beat him with strikes and submissions. Edwards was in the role of Haskins in his match against Dar as both attempted to out-strike each other and work for the submission victory, so it was his knee that was on the attack this time. I loved both of those matches and can't wait to see what happens the first time these two face each other.


The card is just really strong and solid as a whole. Fight Club are a fantastic team that unfortunately don't seem to team to get the opportunity to wrestle as a unit that much these days. I'm very interested to see who partners BT Gunn. Gunn is a guy I definitely want to get chance to see live this year after really being impressed with him watching ICW. I can see why a lot of promotions in Scotland are using him as their Champion and top face right now. Maybe Lionheart seen as he's not on this card yet? Wild vs Whiplash has potential to be a cracker. England's loss really is Scotland's gain right now as Whiplash really was one of All Star's best kept secrets for a few years until he started being used in other promotions. Absolutely fantastic wrestler, but it's his razor sharp mouth and wit that really make Whiplash such a joy to watch. I remember seeing Wild in his early career in 08 in a tag match where he really didn't show that much, but after watching ICW he really has become a really gifted wrestler.


That 4-way has potential to well and truly steal the show with the calibre of talents involved. And it's a rematch from the previous show so the only thing left for them to do is to try and top the previous matches. All four were in the top 15 of the UKFF50 2011 and Ligero was voted as the #1. They've all got a wealth of experience wrestling with and against each other so I'm sure they could have a MOTN with their eyes closed, although they really are going to have stiff competition against Dar/Haskins. I really enjoyed the Kay Lee Ray vs Carmel street fight from ICW recently so obviously both have a rich history against one another so hope they can deliver in a traditional match setting as well. And while I haven't seen anything of Joe Coffey, JESUS, the guy is built! Wolfgang is a guy I never got opportunity to see live back when he was wrestling on 1PW's afternoon shows six years ago, but he's always seemed a good hand in the ring.


So yeah. While the July show really is getting a lot of (well deserved) attention with Mark Sloan/A-Merchandise involved, a potentially huge main event featuring a big name import that A-Merch are personally sponsoring, and the fact that it's going to be an Anniversary show in which you know that a promotion will always put on one of their biggest shows possible to celebrate their anniversary. And with how good and stacked the previous cards were/are.... How do you think they'll top it in July?? But, if you live in Scotland, or can get to Ayr or Friday the 27th, do not overlook this show. Dar vs Haskins is going to be money and a match well worth of going out of your way to see.

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Fantastic preview there Cobystag! We certainly do share your enthusiasm for the main event which will no doubt prove again why both men are rated so highly by fans and peers across the UK. The four way re-match from our October event speaks for itself with the calibre of the 4 men involved.


We truly believe there to be not a less than average match on the card and are confident that fans choosing to attend, will not leave dissapointed!


Again just a reminder regarding the announcement scheduled for Elite Enfolds... Should any UKFF fan be the first to guess the correct name of the Star being announced, they will win 2 free tickets to the Anniversary show in July!! We have had a pretty amazing and extremely varied list of names thrown into the mix over in the Anniversary show thread... Have a look and if you haven't already, give us your thoughts!!


Thank you

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