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championship manager 1997 /1998


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Won the European Cup with Liverpool, almost cried, David James got injured a couple of days before the final against Juventus and Tony Warner had a stormer against them, 3-1


Pretty sure every lad in my year had this game, even the ones who didnt like football simply because you could copy the game to your hard drive, I must've lent it to about 100 lads, I actually ended up playing 97/98 until about 2002 as our PC was slow as fuck until we got a new one (in 2003 obviously)

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CM 97/98 made.me fail my degree. I had an awesome Everton side. Problem is that it has dated very badly and the original game has many annoyances like "Make Unavailable", rendering it impossible to sign good players unless they have big club release clauses. In CM3, they fixed that by having squad statuses and allowing you to throw cash at the selling club.

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what makes cm 01/02 the greatest game ever ?

I might have to try it again if it really was that good.


Not too in depth, really quick on modern PC's you can blast through a season fast enough unless you insist on fiddling with every available option scout every country and so forth and so on.


It's free


You can update to this seasons players if you want, have fake players, play with stat masking on.


Its involved without being too involved like FM is and you can have it mini windowed whilst doing other stuff.


16 Leagues plus the minor divisions in various countries where appropriate mean there is more than enough to mess about with, can manage up to 16 different teams ( 2 teams per manager 1 international, 1 club, more with the reserves on with 8 players ( or 1 if you are being greedy


It's a time eater, even if you dont put loads of effort into it and really is a step above from the CM97/98 stuff which was the last of the CM2 updates iirc

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