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Spectrum Emulators

Richie Freebird

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I love my Retro gaming but Rich,Spectrum?

Yes, Spectrum. Home of Harrier Attack, Manic Miner, Treasure Island Dizzy, Target; Renegade, and plenty of other gems.



All of which apperead on other,better Comps


From a nostalgia point of view, I'll choose the speccy over any other emulator from around that time.


split personalities (originally splitting images) was ace.

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What i hated about the Spectrum was most games everything seemed to be in one Colour


Will admit tho,most kids had one in my School

My Parents conviced me the Amstrad 464 was the best thing out there

At least i never got the Green screen


Most games were in one colour on a solid background. If you were lucky you maybe got two.

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