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GPW: "Northern Soul" Friday March 2nd - Rose Club, Wigan

Mr. Noble

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With just over a week to go to our second show of 2012, here are our final 3 matches! Trust me folks, you don't want to miss this one! Set to be one hell of a night!


Here they are:




6 Man Tag Match:

DDL / Diamond / Bin Man vs. Kraze / Walker / Hope


6 men each with a history. Hold onto your hats when they all meet in a special 6 man tag!


Former Heavyweight Champion,

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And if you've enjoyed that, and the other two brilliant Science Fiction episodes, you're going to love this next bit of news.....


At Northern Soul, Science Fiction with Prof. Mike Holmes and Voodoo, will be............ LIVE!




What on earth will these idiots have in store?


Also, in an extra bit of news ahead of Friday - in light of the confrontation with The Blackpool Blondes last month and their continued inclusion on this show, we've decided to give long time ring announcer, Richard Parker aka "Sam Shaw" the night off this Friday. Instead we've drafted in an independent announcer. So, Mr. Mark Adams will announce this Friday and as soon as i've had chance to speak more to Greg Lambert and The Blondes and deemed it safe enough for Rick to come back, he will be.


About 10 VIP places left! Ticket still available for Friday at http://www.grandprowrestling.co.uk/shop Fantastic Bundle Deals also on offer!

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Cant believe sam shaws got the night off just because those 2 clowns slapped him around!


not long now till dirk regains his title!


As for mike holmes and voodoo.. i dont think theres enough words to describe how good thats gonna be.


Mil-anfield are back!!~~~ shame the bin mann and zach diamond have to carry ddl though.


Echo and rjm kicking the blondes arse will be worth the entrqance fee alone.

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This show is TONIGHT! And we're giving this evening's ring announcer Mark Adams a baptism of fire as he's tasked with interviewing the 2012 MiTB winner Danny Hope. Considering the circumstances behind the MiTB win last month, this should prove to be a very interesting interview!




So that brings the full card to look like this:


















Tonight promises to be absolutey unmissable! What will the unpredictable Science Fiction LIVE bring? Who will leave No.1 Contender? And what do The Blackpool Blondes have in mind for RJM and Echo to put on the line? So many questions, all answered TONIGHT!


Tickets available on the doors from 7pm, show starts 7:30pm

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"Number 1 Contendership/Loser Leaves Town" Match

RJM and Chris Echo and the Blackpool Blonds fought to a no contest in 2:58. After the match, the Blackpool Blonds STOLE the Grand Pro Wrestling Tag Team Trophy! Kind of behaviour I'd expect from XWA wrestlers to be honest, shameful!



Gallaghers Gold Title Match

Before the match, Jack announced the match would have a stipulation, Joey and Jack would only be allowed 3 rope breaks.

Jack was able to defeat Joey by submission with the armbar after Joey used his 3 rope breaks in 11:00. However it should be noted that the second rope break was caused by Jack deliberately pinning Joey in the ropes.


Danny Hope made his announcement only to be interrupted by LA Austin, Zack Diamond and Bubblegum. A huge brawl erupted among the 4 which later involved DDL, The Master Plan and Bin Man. During this, Cameron Kraze hit BinMan over the head with his own bin and LA Austin was knocked out. Seizing the opportunity, Bubblegum started his match with Austin.


Bubblegum def LA Austin via pinfall after a double stomp in 5:05. Austin kicked out of Gum's first pin attempt when the match started and put on a valiant effort but Bubblegum would not be denied on this night.



DDL, Zack Diamond and British Champion Bin Man vs "Mr MITB" Danny Hope and The Master Plan w/Melanie Price


Before the 6 Man, Guest Announcer Mark Adams revealed it would now be 3 vs 2, The Master Plan and Hope vs DDL and Diamond. However, later in the contest, Bin Man did return! The match belonged to Hope and The Masterplan w/ Melanie Price though after Bin Man became frustrated with noted Masterplan associate, Michael Fitzgerald and gently shoved him. Fitzgerald called for the bell and disqualified Team DDL.




After this match, Bin Man issued a challenge to Cameron Kraze, will he accept??



Science Fiction aired live.


Bonus Match:

The Mystics (Voodoo and Suzuki) def Ken Zen and SkullCrusher officiated by Prof Mike Holmes in 2:15




Cyanide w/AAA Tasker def El Ligero in 8:09


Heavyweight Title Match

Martin Kirby © def "The Juice" CJ Banks (sub for Dirk Feelgood) in 14:40

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Good show.


Shame about RJM, Gallagher's Gold is fun novel idea, Bin Mann (whom I've never seen live) is so over it's untrue, Science Fiction was a tough sell live (admittedly the kids in the crowd were all over it, and since they are the main target for characters like Holmes and Voodoo then it was a success), the match itself not so much :p. LA Austin and Bubblegum was a sterling little scrap, and we got the Juice back. All in all a fun evening.

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