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We English are a Bastard Nation


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Like a lot of Euro nations we started as a Celtic nation


but when Rome took over all the Celts got indoctrenated into "Civilisation"


When Rome packed up the Romano-Brits were dominated eventually by the Saxons from Germany


When the Vikings were just about to crush all opposition, the warring Kingdoms of this now Celtic/Italian /German England united under one Saxon King to fend off the Pagans


Had it not been for Normandy France, England would have remained Saxon/German


Yet historians insist that Normandy was founded by southern decendants of Vikings, and these French/Vikings end up throwing out the Saxons though i doubt every Saxon was killed or phased out into obscurity but instead indoctrenated much like our Celtic forefathers had been after Watling Street


The high council in London and Nottingham were speaking French but an entire new culture came from Norman occupation, British/English/Britannia THE THREE LIONS whatever you want to call it stemmed from it and the rest is history


So when you think about it


Unlike Scotland Wales and Ireland we dont have a direct lineage, its this weird mix of Italy France Germany Norway and or Denmark, if anything i'd say you Scots and Welsh are actually more English than we are



England is a bastard child of all these various heritages made from the happenstance of conquest, ironically enough eventually becoming the dominant power of Earth before America, which itself stemmed from British Colonies in the New World


Kind of interesting right?

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