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UKFF Battle Rap 2012: Quarter Finals - CBM's Sexy Three-Way


Who do you think should advance to the semi-finals?  

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The rules:


1. In light of the extra opponent, rappers can post 32 lines in each rap. Should one rapper choose not to, they must stick to 16 for each rap.


2. Maximum of two raps each.


3. You have until 3:00pm on Saturday 18th February to post. If you post nothing by the deadline, you're out.


4. Voting will commence after the rapping deadline. The cut-off point for votes will be 10:00pm on Wednesday 22nd February.


Best of luck, sluts.

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Copied from the main thread:


As long as you do an equal number of lines against each opponent, it's all good.


For instance, if one of you decides to do 16 lines, you can simply do 8 lines against each opponent, or do 7 lines against each opponent and use the other two to talk about how they fuck eachother (or whatever takes your fancy). Similar for if you choose 32 lines, you can do 16 lines against each one or 15 lines against each one and the other two to talk about why they both have AIDS. Anything goes as long as it's equal bashing.

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Richie Freebird and kendal mint cake,

Three way dance? I think there's been a mistake.

To stand any chance, these fools need to team up,

Even so, I'll check them off my list like my name was A Screen Up.

Handicap match is fitting, because my lyrics are sick,

I'm going to fuck them up harder than a concrete dick!

Two on one? I'll still do them in no time,

I'm CVD. The man with a trillion rhymes.


First up's kendal, who's hair desperately needs to be shaved off.

I'm as bad as Hitler. You're not even Hasselhoff.

And what happened to your ex bird. She trade up for a shelfstacker?

This isn't a sign-holding contest, you'll never win this you fucking spacker.


Like a contestant on Catchphrase, I'm just saying what I've seen.

Am I supposed to be impressed by a retard plastered in green?

Your battling so far has been poor, you couldn't have done less,

You spend you days in a car park, you're one step up from being homeless.

I've got so many words they call me half-man, half-thesaurus,

And I'm sure your mum will confirm I've got a cock like a Stegosaurus.

You, you're just a guy with hair like a chicken,

Like KFC and Lesley Grantham, my lines are finger licking!


Now we move on to Mr. Hardcore himself!

Like sticking your cock in a rusty dinghy, I'm going to prove bad for your health.

Richie Freebird: Pervert Extraordinaire,

With Aids so bad from a side-on view you could be confused for thin-air.

There isn't a word for how slim you are, you're nearly see-through.

You can't adapt to this game, you'd be better off learning Hebrew.


Amante de la embarcaci

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Richie is great tit with no mates on an islandS

Same goes for this pube eater from up in the highlands

Freebird with no bird, no style no swagger

Even Stan Marsh knows I'm the forum nagger


Talk about my hair, nagger please, you cant see me

even with your LOD shoulderpads youre only 5'3''

ima foot taller, shot caller, snide bastard look

Frankie Crisp even covered your mum in muck


And that's real life son it actually happened

Feel sorry for you son your mum got flattened

You're not a small lad yourself anyone can see

Eating out of bins gave you that Hepitis B


last thing I'll say about this real life forum retard

Tattooed on his hand is the PIN from his bank card

What's he gonna pull next from his sweaty box of tricks?

Go ahead and ask him on 07915018136


Small dick Cleetusvandam now this guy has balls

Unfortunately for him theyre smaller than his maws

That's scottish for mother you already know that

My new birds daughter is what i call your mums twat


If you're gonna rip me then please get some facts straight

I work inside and out increasing your grans fertility rate

She'll be dead soon though, dead hungry for cock

Once shes tasted jizz ill smash whats left of her teeth in with a cinder block


Around the clock in half the time just like on countdown

I left my ex when she saw me doing your gran up the brown

I don't play games and i dont suffer fools

20gig sig of my dick fuck the forum rules


I'm the crown jewels of this battle i come with the most wit

I face the 2 biggest losers as luck would have it

Time to clock out and sign off I've got this wrapped up now

Next in my sights is Houchen I'll fight him plough for plough

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