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NEED HELP! Sport Relief photo thingy


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For those who dont know - I work for Comic Relief. Aside from all the other stuff we do - we are encouraged to do our own fundraising things around event time.


Myself and a group of photographers from my TFP network have decided to do a sport themed calender - with any money raised going to Comic Relief.


So far we have a lady doing clay pigeon shooting in stocking & suspenders, and a lady powerwalking in her fancy pants... I want to do wrestling.


I have an idea and a style I want to go for, and a model already picked out. I just need a guy to be "beaten up" and a ring to do it in.


If anyone has a training space/boxing ring/gym that might be of use - PLEASE PM me. It needs to be London based, and we'll only need the space for an hour to 90 minutes as I can do hair and make up before we get there. We are on no budget but want to do something a teeny bit kick-ass. The sort of picture I am going for (style wise) is linked below.




Any help or pointers in the right direction would be hugely appreciated!!

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She wasn't freakishly skinny or anything though, she was just freakishly tall and awkward. Her on rollerskates was hilarious.



Umm.. I mean, so I heard, from people who watch the show.


I'm going to come right out and say I watch that show frequently. I realize that this might be mistaken for actually coming out.




Chest is gay.

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