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Picking the best roster


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Just watching that AWA DVD, and they mention about Vince nicking all the best talent from around the world to wipe out the whole business. He really couldnt fail with the roster he took. He got Heenan, Hogan, Andre, Jimmy Hart, he even took the likes of Dynamite, Bret and Davey Boy from Canada as well. Piper was signed as well. Was wondering if Roman Abramovich died and with his last dying breath he said "I think I'll leave my money to one of those lads on the UKFF. That should be a laugh", and with the money you opened a promotion up. Now who would you pick in 2012 to help establish your promotion as the top company in the world?


Bare in mind, there is no loyalty in wrestling, so if you threw money to way of anyone chances are you'll get them. Pick your roster, authority figure, commentators and even your road agents and bookers if you wish. It would be fun if you could give a reason as to why you'd pick them as well. Its better than just saying "Rock, Mr. Fuji, Tony Atlas, Andre Kanchelskis as the GM" etc.

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Tough. Very tough. I'll give it a go though.


Main Event Scene


Inaugral champion = HHH


Who better than one of the most powerful guys in the industry? He can still absolutely go in the ring, he's a fantastic guy on the mic, and still gets a huge reaction to this day. I would want a tournament to kick everything off, and it would have to have a great mix of fresh and older talent to make it seem important.


Bobby Roode

AJ Styles

Kurt Angle

Daniel Bryan

The Undertaker

Brock Lesnar

The Rock


A mix of familiar faces (Angle, Undertaker), guys who are the best up and comers (Roode, Styles, Bryan) and a couple that have been in the industry but would be drafted in for a match or two (Lesnar, The Rock). The idea behind this is to bring importance to the company - if an audience sees that EVERYONE wants to compete for this title, even those who have been out of wrestling for quite a while, then it gives a legitimacy to the competition.


A matchup like Angle/Bryan would give great wrestling, while Styles/Lesnar could tell a gripping underdog story. There's some very intriguing opportunities here, but in the end I'd have HHH going over The Rock in the finals - a huge marquee match and one involving guys that can still go. All the younger talent wouldn't be buried on the way, but rather losing in high quality hard fought matches or DQs to be protected etc. The tournament should get everyone over in their own ways.


While the intention would be to eventually move the title onto Bobby Roode, it will take time for him to get over with the wider audience, so the title needs to go on a guy who everyone is familiar with. He can have a strong feud with HHH and eventually prove himself and win the title.


I would also hold a couple of guys like Randy Orton and Big Show back for future debuts.


Midcard Scene


Inaugral champion = James Storm


This is a guy who, while capable of main eventing, is new enough as a singles guy to step back and bring worth to a mid card title. His history with Roode can eventually be played up and like traditional storylines of the past, we can have him step up eventually and challenge his former partner and have an immediate relationship there. He's a solid hand in the ring, and has a gimmick people want to get behind - one that works as a face and a heel.


Jeff Hardy

Bully Ray


Cody Rhodes

Austin Aries

Antonio Cesaro

Dean Ambrose

Seth Rollins


Again it's important to get a mix of different talent - not only high flyers, wrestlers, big guys etc, but also varying degrees of experience. A couple of old hands in Hardy, Ray and RVD give a solid base, while Rhodes, Storm and Aries are currently on decent runs in their respective companies and hitting their strides. I feel more comfortable giving debuts to Cesaro, Ambrose and Rollins in this division as it will give them time to grow and hopefully nurture them alongside others for main event runs in the future.


Tag Team Scene


Inaugral champions = Matt Morgan & Chris Jericho


I envision the Morgan/Jericho team to be akin to Jerishow of sorts. I think Jericho works fantastically in that role, and could hopefully teach Morgan a lot along the way. Jericho is a good hand who can work in any division you put him in, and regardless of his faults I do think there's room for Morgan on any roster if utilised correctly. He has a decent look about him and very marketable.


Kevin Steen/El Generico

Alex Shelley/Chris Sabin

Wade Barrett/Doug Williams

Magnus/Samoa Joe

Dolph Ziggler/The Miz

Roderick Strong/Davey Richards

Mark Henry/Ezekiel Jackson


It's a fairly small roster to start out with. I'd quite like to be able to put some midcard/main event talent together in future to make the titles seem slightly more worth something, and some proper feuds rather than a different team getting a shot every week - though I am wary of doing 100 matches between 2 teams as well. I'd keep the titles as a special attraction really so they don't become overexposed. Plus these guys can step into other divisions when necessarily and develop them as singles by doing proper splits etc.




Nigel McGuinness (for Barrett/Williams)

Jim Cornette (for Ziggler/The Miz)

Kurt Angle (for Daniel Bryan, once retired)

Ricardo Rodriguez (for Antonio Cesaro)

Maxine (for Austin Aries)


General Manager


Eric Bischoff


He can still work a crowd like no other and has history in the business, but will be kept to a minimum as the GM stuff has been overdone.




Jim Ross

Mike Tenay

Don West

William Regal


Ross is a no-brainer, even though he makes mistakes, everything sounds more important with his voice behind it. Tenay and West work well together too.


Regal can learn from the best and mixed with his own experiences/knowledge will develop into a very good commentator. We can mix it up based on divisions.





Eric Bischoff

Dusty Rhodes


Three guys with completely different experiences all mixed together should bring varied ideas and that's what I want.


I would ideally want one show a week, and the PPV schedule to be similar to WWE of old. The roster would of course grow over time as any does.

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Good way to kill time, before UFC.


Main Eventers

Jeff Hardy

John Cena


Randy Orton

Bobby Roode


I'd have Batista and Randy Orton as heel allies (playing off their Evolution days). Then have big John turn on his mate, Jeff Hardy, down the road. Imagine that for a proper heel group, Cena/Batista/Orton. The crowd will be throwing babies at them. Jeff Hardy is such a phenomenal babyface, that him fighting those three bastards is surely going to draw you an audience. Maybe have Roode and Storm join back together to help the good fight too.


Part timers

Hulk Hogan


The Rock

Brock Lesnar


I'd have these four come in every now and then for a match or two a year, or every other year. Can't see any of them being arsed, or physically able to work a full time schedule.



Bully Ray

James Storm

CM Punk


Samoa Joe (only if he loses weight, starts tanning and gets a decent hair cut)

Chris Masters

Josh Barnett

Skip Sheffield

Kurt Angle


Masters and Sheffield are getting rockets attached to them. Both have fantastic looks and Masters is a cracking worker. Sheffield looks like he can take your Dad, so he's getting the 'Goldberg push'. I think there is a lot of variety (gimmick wise) there.

Josh Barnett is worth a punt, he's a good promo and by most accounts his match in Japan was good. He'll need work but I think there is something there. Plus, he's a legit hard bastard, like in the good old days.


Cruiserweight Division

Austin Aries

Daniel Bryan

Rey Mysterio

AJ Styles

Kid Kash

Doug Williams


Robbie E


The top four will be the focus of the division. Who wouldn't want to see those four go full on, with a proper build, in front of a proper crowd?!


Tag teams

Motor City Machine Guns


The Briscoes


Dolph Ziggler/Kevin Nash

Scott Steiner/Mark Henry


A beast of a tag team division. I'd put Dolph Ziggler with Kevin Nash because Ziggler can do Nash's bumping and Nash can help Ziggler find that thing he is missing. Steiner and Henry sounds like a laugh, have them go 'Road Warriors' on everybody.


Womens division

Kelly Kelly

Velver Sky

Ms. Tesmacher



Christy Hemme


Non of them can work, but they're there for a piss break or a wank. Plus, the boys need a shag.






Both tremendous talkers and I'm confident both men are clever enough to know how to get their 'clients' over.



Jim Ross

Paul Heyman


IMO the best pairing ever. I'd maybe have JBL/Sting come in, every now and then.



Court Bauer

Jerry Jarrett


I've harped on for ages about wrestling needing fresh ideas and Court Bauer seems to know his shit. Jerry Jarrett is there, just in case.


I'd watch it, at least.

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I've always believed in a pyramid hierarchy for the basis of a wrestling promotion's roster.


If we did have Abramovich's level of money then I would have no problem in getting these guys to put their names on the contracts to become the upper-carders/main eventers for our group. (Full-time workers in BLACK; part-timer wrestlers in RED.)




Commentary team: JBL and Paul Heyman.


LESNAR would be by inaugural World champion and be consistently booked as the number one performer in the company. He'd do squash matches each week on the lower-card guys and his heavier matches would solely take place on pay-per-view.


TRIPLE H would play the veteran role he plays now, though on a more permanent basis. He would rarely wrestle on cards that weren't PPVs but he would be play a part on each show.


With Lesnar in the top spot, CENA would battle for the first year or so in the company as a face and do a Hogan-heel turn at some point afterwards.


ROCKY would be part time, as would THE UNDERTAKER. The two would probably wrestle three or four matches per-year between them, playing a similar role to what they do currently.


BATISTA would be a super-heel, playing the role he played just before he left the Dub.


ZIGGLER would be pushed as the next Flair, constantly putting on classics and be put into a slow-burn face turn. 18 months after the company's inception it would be a face Ziggler versus a heel Cena in an almighty feud.


ROODE would play a vital role in the upper-card, as a face having a long-standing feud with heel-Orton.


ORTON, as said above, would play a heel role. There would be no need for him to be a face; he's a natural heel. He would be an out-of-control wild son of a bitch who's constantly playing the party boy and is slightly influenced by a mid-90's HBK.


PUNK would play the smug heel role. It's his natural calling playing that character.


STING would have an Undertaker-esque schedule and the two would eventually lock horns in a mega match. It would be career versus career. Undertaker would win but in the midst of the post-match celebration, the lights would go out and when they came back neither Sting nor Undertaker would be there. That would be the end of both mans' in-ring careers and we wouldn't see them onscreen over the following year.


STYLES' job would be to put on superb 10/15 minutes wrestling clinics every pay-per-view. He'd get a snazzier attire, and he'd be a nice-guy face. Nothing special, just a terrific in-ring worker.


ALBERTO DEL RIO would be a mega-heel, playing his current character but with slightly more dimensions. He wants the World title off Lesnar and has put a $50,000 bounty on the belt.


ANGLE would play a veteran/legend role, competing in six pay-per-view matches per year.


THE MIZ would be pushed very strongly as a heel, but with the characters above him he's more suited to upper-mid card level. An entertaining heel with the mid-card strap.

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Great way to spend a sunday afternoon


Main Eventers


Randy Orton

CM Punk


Bobby Roode


Chris Jericho

Rey Mysterio

The Undertaker

Brock Lesnar


Punk,Orton and Rey would be the top faces with Jericho,Christian and Roode being used as the main heels. Shamus would be a great upper mid card/main eventer. Taker and Lesnar would appear from time to time to help put over some of the younger guys. A 16 man tournament would be held to crown the champ with CM Punk and Bobby Roode making it to the final with Punk winning. Ric Flair would introduce a heel stable called THE FUTURE with who he believes is the future of the business, the stable would consist of Roode,Ziggler and Snitsky & Knox.


Mid Carders


Tyler Black

Bryan Danielson

Claudio Castignoli

Dolph Ziggler

AJ Styles

Alex Shelley

Dean Ambrose

Reuben du Jong

James Storm

Austin Aries


Danielson, Styles, Black and Storm would be left to do what they have done in the indies and put on great matches with the heel's Claudio,Aries,Ziggler and Shelley. Dean Ambrose would be a cocky win at all costs type of character with Reuben du Jong being his bodyguard

Tag Team Division


Snitsky & Mike Knox

South Side Killa's (Low Ki & Homicide)

Prestige (Doug Williams & Hade Vansen)

The Briscoes (Mark & Jay Briscoe)

American Wolves (Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards)

The Worlds Most Valuable Players ('MVP' Antonio Banks & Mark Henry)

Copa-Cabanas (Colt Cabana & Chris Hero)

The Crazies (El Generico & R-Truth)


Snitsky and Knox would be the big man psycho team/enforcers for The Future stable, Low Ki and Homicide would be a killer small team proper stiffing everybody, Williams and Vansen would be an old school world of sport type team, The Briscoes and American Wolves would just be left to do what they do in ROH, MVP and Henry would be another strong heel team with the strength of Henry and the cockiness of MVP gelling well together, Cabana and Hero would be used as a comedy team but would also be allowed to put on decent matches at the same time and Generico and Truth would be a crazy face team.


Hardcore Division


Necro Butcher

Mad Man Manson

Bully Ray

Toby Klein

Brodus Clay


I would throw in a small hardcore division with some of the best brawlers around.




Jim Cornette (The Briscoes)

Ric Flair (Bobby Roode,Dolph Ziggler, Snitsky & Mike Knox)

Teddy Long (Antonio Banks & Mark Henry)

Paul Heyman (Brock Lesnar)


General Manager




I've always thought that Raven is great on the mic and would be great in this type of role


Commentary Team


Jim Ross

William Regal

Paul Heyman

Mike Tenay

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Great topic!


Main Event Scene

John Cena - Babyface (Champion)

Brock Lesnar - Babyface

Randy Orton - Babyface

Jeff Hardy - Babyface

Sheamus - Babyface


Batista - Heel

Kurt Angle - Heel

Mark Henry - Heel

Dolph Ziggler - Heel

CM Punk - Heel


Part Timers/Special Attractions

The Rock

The Undertaker

Triple H



The Big Show


Mid Card Scene

Rey Mysterio - Babyface (Champion)

MVP - Babyface

Carlito - Babyface

Samoe Joe - Babyface

Daniel Bryan - Heel

Cody Rhodes - Heel

Christian - Heel

AJ Styles - Heel


Tag Team Scene

Beer Money Inc. (James Storm & Bobby Roode) - Babyface (Champions)

The Motor City Machineguns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelly) - Babyface

Air Boom (Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston) - Babyface

LAX (Homicide & Hermandez) - Heel

The British Invasion (Doug Williams & Brutus Magnus) - Heel



Commentary Teams

Jim Ross & Paul Heyman

Michael Cole & John Bradshaw Layfield


Authority Figure

William Regal


I would like to see this, all of them are stars that are in the best roles. There is a wide range of looks and styles in there, and I just think it'd be fun to see.

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I'll give it a go:


Main Eventers:

Jeff Hardy (Babyface)

James Storm (Babyface)

Triple H (Babyface)

Sheamus (Babyface)

John Cena (Babyface)

Big Show (babyface)

Bobby Roode (Heel)

CM Punk (Heel)

Chris Jericho (Heel)

Daniel Bryan (Heel)

Mark Henry (Heel)

Dolph Ziggler (Heel)


Part Timers:



Kurt Angle

The Rock



AJ Styles (Babyface)

Zack Ryder (Babyface)

Chris Masters (Babyface)

Eric Young (Babyface)

Samoa Joe (Babyface)

Rhino (Babyface)

Tyler Black (Babyface)

Delirious (Babyface)

Mike Elgin (Heel)

Bully Ray (Heel)

Gunner (Heel)

Heath Slater (Heel)

MVP (Heel)

The Miz (Heel)

Austin Aries (Heel)

Zema Ion (Heel)


Tag Teams:

The Usos (Babyface)

Motor City Machine Guns (Babyface)

All Night Express (Babyface)

Steenerico (Babyface)

Golden Boys (Babyface)

Apollo 55 (Babyface)

American Wolves (Heel)

LAX (Heel)

Briscoes (Heel)

Kings of Wrestling (Heel)

Bad Intentions (Heel)

British Invasion (Heel)



Mickie James (Babyface)

ODB (Babyface)

Velvet Sky (Babyface)

Natalya (Babyface)

Daizee Haze (Babyface)

Gail Kim (Babyface)

Madison Rayne (Heel)

Tara (Heel)

Kharma (Heel)

Layla (Heel)

Mischief (Heel)

Sara Del Ray (Heel)



Jim Ross (Play by Play)

Paul Heyman (Broadcast Journalist)


Backstage Interviewer:

Jeremy Borash



Scott D'Amore

Truth Martini

Vickie Guerrero


Authority Figure:

William Regal

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Main Event Scene:


Brock Lesnar (Heel)- Dominant powerhouse, always been a fan so an obvious choice.

Randy Orton (Heel)- Would bring back the 2009 Dominating sadistic heel Orton.

CM Punk (Face) Would have him revert back to the Pipe-bombing Punk of the summer rather than the one we have now.

Kane(Heel)- Monster heel back in the 2002/2003 attire.

AJ Styles (Face) Always enjoyed his TNA work and would like to see him at the top of a company.

Cody Rhodes (Heel)- I feel at this time he's just about ready for the Main Event so I'd put him there.

The Rock (Face)- I'd have him be part-time as he is now with him making appearances at the big PPV's throughout the year.

Sheamus (Face) Push him much like he is now


Midcard Scene


Tyson Kidd (Heel) Give him a mouth piece (Michael Hayes) and push him to the top of the midcard as the technical yet high flying wrestler.

Dolph Ziggler (Heel) Enjoy his work hugely but not at a Main Event level.

Brodus Clay (Heel) Have him be a monster heel in the mid card

The Miz (Tweener) Give his character a tweek as a Tweener.

RVD (Face)- Have him to mostly put over guys but still a guy who's a threat.

John Morrison- (Face) Really play up the Parkour gimmick.


Openers/Low card Scene:


Alex Riley (Heel)- Turn him heel and have him as the leader of the Low Card scene

Drew Mcintyre (Heel)- Aggressive heel

Evan Bourne (Face) Mostly for jobbing purposes

Goldust(Face)- Again mostly for jobbing but will have the occasional feud.

Low-Ki (Face)- Give him the opportunity WWE didn't give him.

Bobby Roode (Heel)- I'd build him up from here up.


Tag Teams:


The Colons- Carlito, Primo and Epico- Family stable

World's greatest tag team- Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas- Obvious reasons

The Luchadors- Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio- A kinda teacher/student deal.

MCMG- Always liked their TNA work.

Hardys- Mostly to put people over.


Women's division:


Kharma- (Tweener) Domination of the Divas division

Michelle Mccool- (Heel)

Beth Phoenix (Heel)

Natalya (Face)

Trish Stratus (Face)


Authority Figure:


Sting- May occasionally wrestle but mostly as an authority figure- Would be in charge of 1 show.

Paul Heyman- In charge of the other show.




Jim Ross

Matt Striker

Josh Matthews

Booker T

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First person I'd hire is JR and put him in charge of hiring the undercard, I'd get Heyman to do the booking if he was up for it and I'd use the two of them as commentary team


As I said, I'd let JR hire all the undercard but I'd hire the main eventers, I'd go for Batista if he bulked up again (no wellness policy in my promotion), CM Punk, Jeff Hardy(wellness policy or not, he'd have to be off the gear), AJ Styles, Chris Jericho and Big Show


Also, I'd hire Layla, hopefully after she's been sacked by Vince so that I might have a chance of shagging her

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I've always loved this sort of thing. Big kid in me will always love fantasy booking!


I'll start with tag teams, the most under-utilised draw in wrestling.


I'd take Beer Money and MCMG from TNA, plus I'd put The Dudleys back together. I'd take The Colons and The Uso's from WWE. Being a smark, I'd obviously bring back the pro-wrestling manager so Tyson Kidd & Harry Smith would be part of Sir Willy Regal's Crown Jewels stable. While Chris Masters & MVP would form the backbone of Johnny Ace's Pearl Harbour Brigade. A pretty boy tag team should exist on every roster and have Rock in the name so I'd put together John Morrison & Dolph Ziggler as The New New Rockers.




A collection of guys who will always have good matches, talk well enough to make a mid-card title credible and don't over shadow my real stars. AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Wade Barrett (with Willy Regal), Shinsuke Nakamura (with Johnny Ace), X-Pac, Daniel Bryan, Big Brodus, Chris Jericho, Rey Misterio, Christian, Shelton Benjamin, Prince Albert and Skip Sheffield.


Main Event:


On the babyface side I'd have John Cena, Triple H, CM Punk, Komedy Kane and Shawn Michaels. Heels are more difficult because most have been buried senseless in the past 5 years. I'd go with Brock Lesnar obviously, Batista, Kurt Angle, Sheamus (with Willy Regal), Hiroshi Tanahashi (spearheading Johnny Ace's gang) and Randy Orton.




Need people who'll look good lying down. Doug Williams, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Magnus, Austin Aries, The Miz, Ricardo Rodriguez, Colt Cabana, Alex Riley and Eric Young.




This isn't a cheap ratings tactic or anything but I'd have an on-screen management team of Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin & Mick Foley




Jim Ross, Matt Striker & JBL. JR still the best. Striker has the basic idea and working between JR & JBL would mean he'd learn and learn when to shut up very quickly.


Solid roster I think. Difficult to choose guys who have freshness about them or bring fresh matches. I think it kinda works.

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Main Eventers: Randy Orton, HHH, Batista, John Cena, Jeff Hardy, Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Bill Goldberg-


Part Timers: Undertaker, Kurt Angle, The Rock, Steve Austin- come in and help out from time to time for a big match/angle


Upper Midcard/Midcard: Kane, Christian, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Jack Swagger, Wade Barrett


Tag Teams: AirBoom, Beer Money, MCMG, Primo and Epico, MNM, Team 3D


Stables: A Nation type group consisting of Mark Henry, R-Truth, The Pope, David Otunga and Bobby Lashley.


Women: Kharma, Mickie James, Beth Pheonix, Natalya, Tara, Gail Kim, Trish Stratus


Managers: Michael Cole(Bryan), Vickie(Dolph, MNM), Kaitlyn(Christians Valet)


Authority Figure: John Bradshaw Layfield- Tremendous mic skills and could still have the odd brawl and match.


Commentators- Jim Ross and Paul Heyman

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