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EBW Presents Elite Rising


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The Library Theatre in Sheffield along with the National Community Wrestling Alliance are proud to present.......




EBW will be promoting their debut event from the Library Theatre as part of a six date residency in 2012.


Elite Rising on the 3rd of March will bring the best of the British style of wrestling mixed with a US flavour together to create an explosive and exciting brand of entertainment the whole family will enjoy!.


Presenting singles and tag team action, and a tournament to crown a first EBW Champion, this event will kick off the season in style.


Wrestlers set to appear at Elite Rising are;


"The Mean Machine" Mark Sanders

Mikey Van Riot

"The Pigman" Andy Hogg

"Teen Spirit" Joey D Generate

"Triple D" Dangerous Danny Debris

"Playboy" Johnny Midnight


And many more...


Doors 6:30pm - bell time 7:00pm


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Due to circumstances beyond the control of NCWA the show has been postponed until the 10th of March.


The venue still remains the same as does the card, all ticket prices remain the same and all tickets purchased before the change of date will still be valid.


We at the NCWA apologise for the inconvenience, but we are still running and are ready to deliver a great show on the 10th March.


Thank you.

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MAX E MILLION defeated the Real Deal Kriss Ace


DOMTASTIC DOM BLACK and THE TEEN SPIRITJOEY D- GENERATE defeated the team of John Doe and Prince Adam Danzig


THE PIGMAN ANDY HOGG became the first EBW CATCH CHAMPION by defeating Mikey Van Riot


DANGEROUS DANNY DEBRIS won a Battle Royal to earn a spot in the EBW ELITE BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP match later in the evening


The team of THE PRETENDER, POISON PAUL PARISIO AND RADU BULAT defeated Disco Wes, Outback Brett Bell and RJ Vengeance


DANNY DEBRIS became the first EBW ELITE BRITISH CHAMPION by defeating Mean Machine Mark Sanders and the Playboy Johnny Midnight

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Thank you for the interest in my feedback. Your comments will be reviewed and discarded in due course.


Future Shock also have Wrestling in the title.


Something you can't have when you're saying Elite and Wrestling when featuring Piggy and Rosey.



You know I am just as proud to have been in the founding UKFF Shit List, just as much as I was proud to be in the UKFF top 50 ( cant remember what year, round about number 30 one place above majik two above Dean Allmark).


I lived my 15 year career (yes 15 legitimate years in the Wrestling world) with each and every moment of career being whole hearted and honest. If people like me they liked me, if they hated me they hated me, if they said I couldnt wrestle fine, because everyone is entitled to their opinion.


Mikey Rose is a hugely talented, hard working, effort giving wrestler, who will never ever short change another wrestler, a fan, or a promoter. What you see is what you get.


Its wrestling my friend, I can say what I want when I want, Any promotion can call itself what it wants when it wants.


sorry to break this too you dude,


Cactus Jack Was not from Truth or Consequences

Tito Santanta was not from Tocula Mexico

The Undertaker is not his real name.

Combat Zone Wrestling is not really in a war zone.


hell even a wrestling ring is not round, which is a key component of being a ring according to a dictionary.


a rose by any other name still smells assweet, whether that refers to Mikey Van Riot, The Pigman Andy Hogg or Elite British Wrestling


I am what I am I dont want pariase I dont want pity. i bang my own drum some think its noise but I thing its pretty.


I am what I am

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I was not slagging off Future Shock, merely pointing out their wrestlers are not from the future. they have a fine product with highly talented individuals, but are they from the future? Are they? really?


likewise not all Preston City Wrestling Wrestlers are from Preston


Not all ICW wrestlers are Insane...



You see where I am going with this? Can you tell what it is yet?

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Am I to take it Cobystag that you are indeed part bread cake / part 25th letter of the English alphabet / part woodland animal with antlers ?


If not then I find it highly amusing that you can criticise anything for having a name which you don't consider reflects what it really is.


If however you are in fact all three of the above then I applaud you for having overcome your doughy like perishable single letter disadvantages and must express particular respect for your abiliy to type given your lack of fingers.

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Actually, I see that the term cob can also be used for a short-legged, thick-set horse, often having a high gait and frequently used for driving or a term used in British dialect meaning a rounded mass or lump.


If both or either are applicable to you Mr Cobystag, I once again applaud you for having overcome the disadvantages that life appears to have dealt you.


'Have you been driven like a short-legged thick-set horse you rounded lump ? Ooh I bet you have !!'

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In all honesty I was just getting a cheap pop for my own amusement for mentioning flux capacitor in a UKFF post


Dr. Emmett Brown: 'If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour... you're gonna see some serious shit'.

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