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WA1 Wrestling hosts LIVE WRESTLING!


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WA1 Wrestling hosts a night of live wrestling in preparation for the official lauch later in 2012. This show will be filled with high octane action from start to finish and this show promises to be different to any other show you can see in this country. A full line up of matches will be annouced over the coming weeks but already confirmed for March 9th.......



Dirk Feelgood vs Ricky J McKenzie


Dirk Feelgood makes it very clear to any audience that he perfoms infront of that he is an highly educated man and takes pride in the fact that he took the time and effort to pass all of his exams in high school, college and university with flying colours while others find it hard to get through their GCSE's. His accomplishments don't end in the exam room as he has accomplished a wealth of success in the British wrestling scene over the years and as he enters another main event he looks to continue his success in Warrington. His opponent, RJM couldn't be any more different if you wanted him to be. Growing up on the streets of Blackpool, RJM has had to earn everything the hard way in life but he has been able to make a success of his life and become majorly popular on the british scene. RJM can not only be hard hitting but he can also fly as well as any cruiserweight for a man of his size. This match is surely going to be one you don't want to miss and a match that neither man wants to lose as roster spots aren't confirmed yet for the lauch of WA1 Wrestling later this year. Whoever comes out on top in this main event will surely grab the attention of management in the hopes of being signed.


Career vs Career - Casket Match

The Sensation vs Voodoo


The next annoucement for 9th March is probably the most personal match annoucement on the card. They started as rivals in the ring but it soon escalated to real life rivals with a story of real life betrayals and real life hate. Voodoo and Sensation have battled all over the country over the past 2 years and an interesting fact that surrounds this match is that Sensation has NEVER been able to defeat Voodoo in a one on one match. This match will be Sensations first match in 1 year due to a back injury which forced him out of the ring and to make things worse, Voodoo was the man who caused the injury during a match in Blackpool. Their most memorable match together which is available on you tube left Sensation in the hospital due to the beating both men dished out on each other. Since their last encounter Sensation has reformed his ways but it now seems that Voodoo has embraced darkness into his life and is looking to not only hurt Sensation but end his career. One thing is guaranteed from this match and that is one man will not be getting a roster spot with WA1 Wrestling because who ever loses must retire which makes the second stipulation of a casket match even more appropriate because one mans career will be put to rest on March 9th. Voodoo may be able to use his 'voodoo' but will that force be able to topple the force of Sensations hometown crowd?


1st Ever Olympic Tag Team Turmoil Match

Team England vs The Rest Of The World


The next match annoucement is the 1st ever Olympic Tag Team Turmoil Match. London maybe hosting the official Olympic games later this year but we are going to kick of the year of Olympics with teams from all over the world will be competing in one match and we can exclusively annouce that representing England will be the team of Jason Logan and Ste 'Bin' Mann


Cyanide vs Chris Echo


The first annoucement we made was that Cyanide would be in action on March 9th but we didn't annouce his opponent. It has been confirmed that he will be going one on one with Chris Echo. Many would say this looks like an impossible task for Echo as toppling the 350 pounder seems almost next to impossible. However.....Chris Echo in his career has faced many big men and has taken them to their limit and even in some cases scored huge upset victories over them. Once you see what Echo can do in that ring you may change your opinion on who will be victorious in this contest. On the flip side though, Cyanide is a monster and like no other big man you will see in this country. He has made it very clear that he is coming to not only claim a win against his name but he is also coming to feed his appetite by destroying whatever stands in his path. It must also be mentioned that Cyanide has promised that by the close of this show he will have left a lasting image in everyones mind that they will never forget. We have no clue at all what he means by this but lets hope Echo can topple the monster and prevent any words of Cyanides from becoming reality.


'The Welsh Warrior' Dylan Roberts vs Mike Holmes


Dylan Roberts must be thinking what the hell is wrong with the booking team as he is put against someone who to Dylan comes with no threat what so ever. The greatest athlete to come out of Wales came to management demanding a challenge. He got Mike Holmes. A guy who finds it difficult to get booked on shows that his own training school produce. This is surely the mismatch of 2012, but at least Mike will get at least one headline in his career.


3 Way Cruiserweight Match

L.A Austin vs Mark Starr vs Ken Zen


If you thought all that is missing is some fast paced, high flying action with guys who have no fear of putting there own body on the line then this is the match for you. 3 young up and coming cruiserweights will put it all on the line in an attempt to wow you the audience. There's no a height they won't go reach and there's also no risk they won't take to come out victourious.


Keep up to date with everything thats going on in WA1 Wrestling by liking our fan page on facebook: facebook.com/wa1wrestling


Also follow us on twitter: @wa1wrestling


Ticket Details:


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The advance discount tickets sale has now ended so only full rate tickets can be purchased. Details are below:



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Below is the official statement to the update of RJM and our main event.


We have today recieved quite a few messages regarding the situation of our main event on 9th march. Last night, RJM suffered a torn ligament whilst wrestling on another show. It has been unknown whether this injury will sideline RJM or if he will be able to compete. We have now had confirmation that RJM will not be able to compete on Friday and it is with deep regret that we have to annouce this as we were really looking forward to what we believe would of been a solid main event. However the show will go on and we will annouce a replacement to face Dirk Feelgood on Friday once we have recieved confirmation from the name we have in mind to take RJM's place.

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Just confirmed from the official WA1 Wrestling facebook page:


We can now officially confirm that replacing RJM this Friday will be none other than.............BUBBLEGUM!


Bubblegum stated today that he would be truly honoured to take RJM's place. We cannot wait to see what Bubblegum has in store for everyone and if you have seen is work, you

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