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MacBook Pro - Mac users get geeky


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Hi guys!


OK so after managing to pull off the impossible and shoot a short film in 24 hours, I was very happy with the footage I had. Long story short, switching between PCs and Mac has corrupted my footage, and the terrabyte of harddrive I bought to store footage doesn't like Macs. Bollocks.


I have money saved that was destined to see me risk my genital health around south asia for a while but if I'm serious about movie making then I'm really going to have to spend that money on a mac.


Right so I need a fairly decent mac. My computer knowledge is about 5 years out of date and my mac knowledge is non existant. The plan is to treat it basically as an editing system. So I'm going to need to put a lot of heavy shit on it like Final Cut as well as After Effects and various bits of audio software. All I know is i'll need decent RAM and processor and a big old harddrive.


From my brief discussions with other mac owners, it seems best to build your own spec? Is this a cost effective way of doing it? I think i'd want 8gb of RAM, is it wise to get a 4gb and add another 4 myself from a make other than super expensive apple? Would it be a good idea to get a fairly basic macbook and then add all the extras from quality but still cheaper brands?


Where is the best place to buy them?


Anything else you think I should know would be very helpful, many thanks!

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Ideally you'll still want an external (Firewire) hard disk. Never use the same HDD your OS is on to render footage to. As you said, the more Ram the better. Depending on what you want to do in After Effects I'd say have at least 8gb but would go for more if you're planning on a lot of HD effects. You'd also want to aim for having an i7 processor on it.

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