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Motivational Music


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Sorry to open another thread but here it goes.


When your visiting the gym to get the blood pumping to get the adrenalin going?


Personally I like tunes you hear on UFC programming such as face the pain and Shippin up to Boston.

Tunes from Fight Night Round 3 and Champion.

Some of the tunes from the Destruction Derby 2 game and the odd trance tune.


Looking to purchase some more tunes get a bit bored with the same tunes.



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Amon Amarth are the perfect gym music for me. At times, you actually feel like a marauding Viking on his way to kill, rape and plunder haha. As soon as one of their powerful choruses kicks in when you're on the treadmill you immediately want to keep going. Besides from them, thrash works pretty well, especially Skeletonwitch.

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I have a gym playlist I use. A few of the songs:


Megadeth - Kill the King

Velvet Revolver - She Builds Quick Machines

Alice in Chains - We Die Young

Foo Fighters - All My Life

GNR - It's So Easy

GNR - You Could Be Mine

Pantera - I'm Broken

Rage Against the Machine - Renegades of Funk

Run DMC - It's Tricky

Soundgarden - Rusty Cage

Rush - Animate

Stone Temple Pilots - Crackerman

Yelle - Je Veux Te Voir


Oh, and Karate Kid - You're the Best Around is actually great workout music too! :p


Prob around 100 tracks in total; all high energy with a good pace. The above is an idea of the vibe... they work best on cardio equipment (namely cross trainer) where you can push your pace in sync with them.

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Progressive and deep house for me, the more minimal and incessant the better. No breaks between tracks deciding what to put on next, just 60-70 minutes of rhythmic stuff to get you in the zone.


For individual tunes,


Underworld - Dark and Long - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kU-6FW0K7o4

Green Velvet - Answering Machine -

Erotica - Orgasm -

Orbital - Nothing Left -

Bedrock - Set In Stone -


In terms of mixes there are an incredible amount of good ones out there. For commercially released mixes I'd recommend Steve Lawler's 'Nu Breed' mix, 'The Workout' by Carl Craig and both James Zabiela's Renaissance mixed which ebb and flow nicely.

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