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10 year slammiversary


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I was watching TNA best of 2009 earlier and whilst watching it was thinking how great it would be if they re-done some great feuds and matches for slammiversary. Of course some matches would be difficult to put out there due to current story lines. E.g. Beer Money vs Motor City would be very challenging given current circumstances.

but here are my picks


Samoa Joe vs Aj styles vs Daniels (tough to omitt samoa joe vs kurt angle)

Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy (i loved their match from no surrender of over a year ago)

Zema Ion vs Austin Aries vs Jack Evans vs Jesse Sorenson

Jerry Lynn vs Rob Van Dam

LAX vs Motor City machine guns

James storm vs Bobby roode (storm and harris had an absolute war but looking at harris last time out i think its safe to put roode in here instead)


what would you guys like to see?

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