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UKFF Battle Rap 2012: Round 2


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Rules for Round 2:


1. Each rap must consist of 16 lines. No more, no less.


2. Maximum of two raps each.


3. You have until 3:00pm on Saturday 4th February to post. If you post nothing by the deadline, you're out.


4. Voting will commence after the rapping deadline. The cut-off point for votes will be 10:00pm on Wednesday 8th February.


Best of luck, cats.

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So it's round 2 kMC vs. Mr Doesn't Know How To Poo

You bum porcelain like Fred shouting yabbbadabbadoo

I don't get the problem it's an easy enough device

Put the toilet seat down dingus, there's some free advice


Next advice would be bring some funnies, an insult or a burn

You're woefully unprepared like a Homer Simpson tax return

You throw your oddly shaped ball in at the last minute

You and Magic Johnson have the Aids, I'm Michael Jordan innit.


Air Highness, the finest, the forums snidey best

You're an oddball, a shit fetishist and why you wearing megans vest?

You also rock shell suits, and not even in jest (http://ukff.com/index.php?showtopic=51678&st=1350&p=869344entry869344)

You're old, weird, boring... it's time to put you to rest


Cos you're so white noise I needed to check your profile for information

personal statement says 'four 7s, 4 life', what's this association?

Here it is!, Like good old Kenny you're a ped

And like that average nigga in your sig, your career is dead.

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