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The Dropkick Radio Wrestling Show '4th Anniversary' program


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Hello, just wanted to make you all aware that the Dropkick Radio Wrestling Show celebrated its fourth anniversary of programming this week with a bumper show featuring interviews with Rockstar Spud and Nigel McGuinness.

The show is available to stream and download now at www.DropkickRadio.com and can also be found on iTunes HERE.


About Dropkick Radio -

Dropkick Radio is broadcast live over internet at www.DropkickRadio.com. The program has been going since 2008 and features discussion on many topics relating to the world of professional wrestling. From the likes of WWE & TNA, the US Indys including Ring Of Honor & Chikara, Japanese wrestling, to UK promotions including IPW:UK & Fight Club: PRO we feel there is something for everyone with Dropkick Radio, so if you're looking for some new wrestling audio why not give us a chance today.



Show Description -

"It has arrived, the fourth anniversary show of the Dropkick Radio Wrestling Show. A program packed with wrestling talk and two interviews with a very British flavour to them.


Discussion this includes a variety of topics relating to the past weeks wrestling television shows including great promo from CM Punk at the end of Raw, the burial of Jack Swagger just so John Cena showed he 'embraced the hate', the first flag match on WWE TV since (possibly) 1997, how gimmick laden theme of Smackdown proved to be a detriment to the program, the return of Alex Shelley to Impact, the random booking of Samoa Joe & Magnus (WARNING: SPOILERS ARE TALKED ABOUT DURING THIS TOPIC) and more!


When it comes to the two interviews we mentioned we welcome the 'Baby Jesus Of British Wresting' the Rockstar Spud to the program to discuss how the 'Rockstar' came to be, the state of British wrestling, favourite places to party, worst beatings and more! We also welcome the former Desmond Wolfe, Nigel McGuinness back to the program in a very open forty minute interview covering topics including his recent retirement tour, becoming an announcer with Ring Of Honor, wrestling at Wembley Arena with TNA, the inception of Desmond Wolfe, future plans and more!


Of course there's also time for the weekly pub quiz, a few competitions and more! It's a loaded anniversary show with a duration of over three hours and it's available for you now."


You can listen/download this program right now at www.DropkickRadio.com

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