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3CW Will it last   

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As it says what is happening to this company. i recently got told by people that the crowds of dropped big time over the last few years. Just wondering what is happening is it going bust or can no1 be bothered to do anything about this problem. Just before christmas I got asked to a rival show and I agreed as there was not a christmas show for 3CW. It took me back to when 3CW had the fans, giving young people down without them dropping in confidence. The likes of people like Martin Kirby, Cameron Kraze, Mo, Ligero who are left trying to the fill the gaps which have been left been successful. I will still attend but if way things contiune they will lose even more. also trainees getting a beating every show can make youngsters lose confidence which has been shown in the ring. please reply any comments might help things change for the worse or better. so many big international stars names have been and gone TAKESHI MORISHIMA, DOUG WILLIAMS, MUHAMMAD YONE, AMAZING RED, LOW KI, EDDIE EDWARDS, DOUG BASHAM, SUWA, SJK, RAVEN are just some of the names that have been. no website it says and doesn't sell dvds of there shows no more

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