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A Fortnight of MOVIES

A Screen Up

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Inspired by the 30 Days of Wrestling/Gaming threads we did last year. Both the threads started absolutely fantastically and people were calling for them to be put into Gold half-way through. True, they were great but I think they just went on for too long hence why I'm cutting this down to fourteen days.


Circumstances dictate now that I can keep this thread going and the title up-to-date this time around.


I'd love to try the Wrestling one in on-topic again and try and do it all the way through (albeit a fortnight this time around as opposed to a month). A year is a long time in wrestling and we've had some new posters join us since, so if the mods don't mind then I'll start it when on-topic calms down a bit.


I'm no movie buff by any means but I know a lot of you posters are, so hopefully you will enjoy this thread.


1- Favourite childhood film

2- Favourite ever scene

3- Favourite soundtrack to a film

4- Favourite film character

5- Favourite movie quote

6- Favourite director

7- Favourite trilogy/series

8- Favourite film setting

9- Favourite DVD cover/poster

10- Favourite genre

11- Favourite Christmas film

12- Most underrated film

13- Favourite actor ever

14- Favourite movie ever.


DAY #1:




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Toy Story.




Without a shadow of a doubt, Toy Story was the one film that I loved more than any other growing up. Disney have always put out classics but for me this stands out above the rest and still to this day I can put Buzz and Woody and the gang on and feel the same about it as I did watching as a nipper.


Honorable mentions: Parent Trap; Toy Story 2; Home Alone 2; A Kid Called Danger; Tree House Hostage; Where Eagles Dare.

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