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Popular music associated with Wrestling


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Europe - Final Countdown - One of the greatest and most fitting themes ever used as a wrestling entrance, the sound of this song coupled with the Hoarder Slappers going mental during one of Danielson's entrances before he entered a 54-minute back-and-forth classic is a noise that always made me happy.


Tinie Tempah - Written in the Stars always reminds me of Wrestlemania (25?).


The Calling - I'll Go Wherever You May Go always reminds me of wrestling, was it used over the top of a video package around 2000/01?


Limp Bizkit - My Way will forever remind me of the Rock/Austin vignette from WMX7.


EDIT - An easy one, Enter Sandman by Metallica.

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Thriller = Hulk Hogan and wwf championship wrestling

Iron man reminds me of Road warriors

What was Jeff Jarretts music in Memphis "addicted to love" or one like that can't remember

SMW always used to have great pop songs.


Thought Flo-Ridas song for Survivor Series was good when i hear it and the tune dies down a bitin the middle i still here the Rocks quotes that they cut in.

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