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W3L in Glenrothes and Penicuik this March


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from W3Lwrestling.com




The World Wide Wrestling League is very excited about 2012 and is set to kick off the season with two huge events in March.


On March 24th the W3L makes its debut in the prestigious Rothes Halls, a venue rich in wrestling history that is also known for holding big concerts and other entertainment events. The Rothes Halls will host this years instalment of

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Freddy Da Funk draws a raffle for 1 year of W3L Live Event Tickets. Congratulations to Darcy Anderson Park of Stirling who was the lucky winner. Funk also promices a "revolution" of Freddy Da Funk at the Rothes Halls this Saturday night, March 24th. What does this mean? Buy tickets to W3L Remedy @ the Rothes Halls, Glenrothes to find out. Tickets available @ http://onfife.com/events/w3-wrestling-championship

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from W3Lwrestling.com


The World Wide Wrestling League was delighted to host successful events in Glenrothes and Penicuik this weekend. We would like to sincerely thank all 608 wrestling fans that turned out to support W3L and hope you would all agree that fantastic nights of wrestling action where on offer.


We thrive on the support of our fans and if you enjoyed the events this weekend please let us know by 'liking us' on facebook or 'following us' on Twitter @W3Lwrestling. Or the most we could ask for - tell a friend you enjoyed the events and bring them along next time!


Never before has one weekend of W3L action produced so much fall out that will be felt in the months to come - here are the full results........


W3L Remedy - Rothes Halls - Glenrothes - 24.03.12


-Nathan Black defeated Former W3L Heavyweight Allan Grogan


-Adam Shame defeated Falcon to claim both W3L Tag Team Championship belts and earn the right to pick his own partner


-Drew McDonald was declared the winner via disqualification when Adam Shame interfered causing Eric Canyon to be disqualified. Although Canyon lost the match, he gained some gold as Shame presented Canyon with a W3L Tag Team Championship belt. Mike Musso hit the ring to stop the two on one attack, Musso offered to team with Drew and then asked Drew to be the special ringside enforcer in his title match later in the night.



- Freddy Da Funk was then introduced under his new name 'The Reaver' Taylor Brydon. Bryden defeated (by submission) the masked 'Super Trigger' from 'Metropolis' who appeared to be wearing the same wrestling singlet that the banished David Paris was last seen in. 'Super Trigger' escaped before Bryden was able to take off the mask.


-In the main event Mike Musso challenged Damian O'Connor for the W3L Heavyweight Championship. O'Connor's manager Charles Boddington was neutralised by the presence of Drew McDonald as the guest ringside enforcer. The official referee was knocked out in a collision outside the ring just as Musso turned the tables on O'Connor with a DDT on the floor of the Rothes Halls. McDonald rolled in the ring and encouraged Mike Musso to get the champion back in the ring so he could make a count. Boddington then came into play as he pulled McDonald out of the ring, stopping the count and possibly saving the W3L championship. As McDonald chased Boddington, O'Connor struck Musso below the belt and attempted to use a steel chair against the challenger. McDonald snatched the chair from the Irish Champion but was then provoked to take a swing which inadvertently struck Mike Musso costing him the match as the official referee recovered in time to make a count.


- In the aftermath a furious Mike Musso challenged O'Connor to put the title on the line one final time against him in the only match that would prevent any outside interference - a steel cage match! W3L can now confirm that Damian O'Connor VS Mike Musso for the W3L Championship will headline Wrestlution VI later this year as W3L presents its first ever Steel Cage match.


Ladywood Leisure Centre - Penicuik - 25.03.12


-For the second night in a row 'The Reaver' Taylor Bryden scored a win this time rolling up former W3L Tag Team Champion Kid Fite.


-Carmel challenged Nikki Storm for the W3L Womens Championship. Storm was able to fend off the challenge from Carmel to retain the title however Nikki was then attacked by former W3L Womens Champion Sara who appeared to make an unscheduled return. Appearing out of no where Sara attack Storm and struck her with the W3L Womens Championship belt. Sara left with the title belt as Storm was attended to in the ring.


-El Technico defeated David Paris in a 'winner gets there job back' match, earning a new W3L contract.


-Liam Thomson won the Royal Flush Rumble to become 'King of W3L'. Thomson was at one stage eliminated however Carmel, who was supporting Thomson at ring side distracted the referee who missed the elimination.


-The newly crowned 'King' Liam defeated Nathan Reynolds with help from Carmel and use of his new Sceptre to strike Reynolds.


-Eric Canyon and Adam Shame retained the W3L Tag Team Championship defeating the team of Mike Musso and Drew McDonald after Musso was stuck with a low blow.



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