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Paul Daniels loses part of his hand in saw accident

Pier Six Brawler

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TV has never been the same since great showmen like Daniels were got rid of.


Yeah, it's got far better. For example, it's been fucking years since Russ Abbot was last on TV in something not Last of the Summer Wine. These are days I like living in.

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It's weird because I'd often watch these shows because there was fuck all else on, but I can't remember hardly anything about them. London's Burning, I probably watched the entire run, but I couldn't tell you a single character name. One of them looked a little bit like Dennis Wise, that's all I know.

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Look at the listings for this Sunday on ITV in May 93. It's mainly pure hell.


0600 GMTV

0925 Bugs Bunny's 1001 Rabbit Tales

1005 Cartoon Time

1015 The Littlest Hobo

1045 Link. Investigations into AIDS and the medical profession.

1100 Morning Worship from Durham.

1200 This Sunday. Religious magazine.

1230 Central Newsweek

1255 Central News; Weather

1300 News; Weather

1310 The Sunday Supplement

Edwina Currie starts a series about our Sunday newspapers with the People and its editor Bridget Rowe.

1400 Take 15

[New Series]. Asian magazine with news and features.

1415 The Dambusters

On the 50th anniversary of the famous raid, the brave pilots recall their aerial heroics, and experts reassess the successes and failures of the mission.

1445 The Central Match - Live

Jimmy Greaves and Tony Francis present coverage of top matches in the Barclay's League.

1705 Wanted Dead or Alive

Adventures with bounty hunter Josh Randall.

1730 Highway to Heaven

Jonathan helps a dying vagrant.

1815 Central News; Weather

1820 News; Weather

1830 Watching

Malcolm still has wedding day nerves, despite David's reassurances.

1900 Surprise Surprise

With Henry Cooper, Bobby Davro and John Fashanu.

2000 Heartbeat

Fresh-faced constable Nick here does his best to help a frightened rookie soldier, deals with a couple of break-ins, and finds time to fix his old MG.

2100 Jeeves and Wooster

Bertie's fled town and the menace of Aunt Agatha to set himself up in peaceful New York. Peaceful? Not for long.

2200 Spitting Image

[New Series].

2230 Aspel and Company

Mild-mannered Michael entertains Hollywood tough guys Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Demi Moore softens the mood and Bryan Ferry provides soothing music.

2315 News; Weather

2330 Local Weather

2335 Faith and Music

A profile of Ozzy Osbourne, who earned a reputation as the wild man of rock, talks about drink, drugs, the Devil and God.

0005 Prisoner: Cell Block H

Jean takes a fancy to Steve Wilson.

0100 Riviera

Glossy drama.

0200 The Chart Show

0255 Cue the Music

Simple Minds in concert.

0355 Night Shift

0410 Central Jobfinder '93

Information and vacancies.

0520 Asian Eye

0530 Morning News


Half six to nine o'clock is god awful. And I was probably made to watch Highway to bastard Heaven as well.


Same day in the 6:30-9 slot BBC 1 had


1815 Songs of Praise

A special Edition from RAF Scampton, Lincolnshire, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Dambusters bombing raid. Veterans, air crews and local people gather in one of the hangars to join in an act of rememberance for those who died during the operation, and the Red arrows perform a breath-taking air display. With the Central Band of the RAF.

1900 Last of the Summer Wine

Howard finds himself in hot water over his dangerous liason with Marina.

1930 The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries

Cultured copper Alleyn bows out here with a case involving blackmail and murder.

2110 A Year in Provence

It's December and the bad news is that Father Christmas, known to the locals (though not that determined speaker of English Peter Mayle) as Pere Noel, has died.


Last of the Summer Wine's getting watched by default there. Although it probably wasn't because my mam wanted to fucking watch Surprise Surprise.


Old telly was rubbish.

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I remember watching "watching" and hating everything bar the theme tune.


Spitting Image was a gem though, a pure gem.




1900 Last of the Summer Wine

Howard finds himself in hot water over his dangerous liason with Marina.


could describe about 579 Summer Wine episodes. the only thing more vague would be "Compo rolls down in a hill in/on or falling off something"

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