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Worst Ring Attire - In part or whole


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Got to be millions to choose from. Either completely ridiculous outfits or just daft bits of gear. Had to get my pics from youtube because i couldn't find them.


Jim Neidhart's hat at WrestleMania 7. It's horrendous!




Christian's terrible singlet look from 2003:




And the inspiration for the thread, just sorry the pic is so poor. I've only just seen IRS's WWF debut for the first time. He comes out wearing a suit but removs the jacket and trousers and wrestles in a shirt and tie, as usual, and and awful pair of brown tights.




Go nuts

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Great thread. Never ever seen IRS in tights either, what an odd sight. Some good changes made there.


I can't huint for a picture without being exposed as a gigantic nerd at work, but I always hated Mantaur's velour-ish onesie (not the original he had as cow-head). Also, the grey Bushwhacker vests looked scabby as fuck. Not a patch on the dependable black ones chosen for the first hasbros.

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Always liked Michaels Attire but not sure what was going through his mind whilst putting this lot together.

Yep, that was horrible. Especially bad that it was for such a momentous occasion.


I doubt he would have picked it, sounds more like he'd lost his gear, and had to cover somehow. I remember something that sounded similar when Taka came out like Funaki, and more recently, That Ziggler outift a few months ago must've been borrowed from someone, Swagger maybe?


What immediately comes to my head is Marty Jannetty's Royal Rumble 93 attire. Moreso because I liked the colour of all his other ones.


Man Mountain Rocks for his first few weeks in the WWF was pretty bad too, until he changed to something that was ok.


Maybe straying off the point a bit, but I always used to hate it when two guys facing each other came out with the same colour of attire when they had alternatives.


I loved Max Moons costume btw. :blush:

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I kinda dig Michael's attitire for the Chamber. Sure it's not what you expect him to wear but it feels somewhat appropiate, as if he knows it's time for a serious test, that there's no time for the frivolity he had in the past and that he needs to make sure, one last time, that he really is still the 'Showstoppa' before he goes back to his old flashy ways.

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