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FutureShock 56! - Stockport Masonic Guildhall

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Events are looking to heat up as we start our New Year with a new Champion at FutureShock Wrestling. Join us at FutureShock 56! on Sunday 29th January at the Stockport Masonic Guildhall as we return with more Hard Hitting, Heart Stopping Family Entertainment!


The first of our announced matches should come as no surprise, yet still be highly anticipated. There was no way Rayne was going to do anything other than demand a rematch for his title. Claiming it was unfair to have him defend the belt twice in one night at 55 in November. Despite coming directly from a post-attack trip to the infamous "Stepping Hill" Hospital Gallagher took the fight to Rayne like no one has before. Now the two look set to clash again for the most coveted prize in FutureShock.


January 29th will see FutureShock Women's Champion The Artiste formerly known as Becky James defend her title for the first time since August 2011 as she faces a rematch with her toughest opponent to date: April Davids.
Ever since The Artiste scraped by with an underhand victory back at FutureShock 53 April has been chomping at the bit to have another crack at the Women's Champion ever since.


With no clear contenders in the running for the FutureShock Tag Team Titles, management have turned to on old staple of FutureShock event: The Gauntlet. Entrants will be named over the next week with familiar faces and some new ones lining up to get a shot at The Models. Who ever survives the Gauntlet will instantly face the Tag Team Champions!


Young Josh impressed with his fighting-effort when he debuted in a Championship match against then Champion Dave Rayne. The 18 year oldmanaged to come with in inches of a major upset. Now he once again has a chance to prove what he's made of as he faces the single most dominating force in FutureShock... Cyanide!


In wrestling, as in life, attitudes change. Enemies become allies, allies become enemies. Friends come and go. But when a trusted ally, a best friend and a former co-champion turns on his partner with seemingly no explanation thats when proceedings can get ugly. At FutureShock 55! Xander Cooper, one half of former Tag Team Champions Vitamin - C abandoned long time friend Carl Clinch, mid match, to the mercys of The Models. Strangely the following match has been signed at the request of Xander Cooper!


Also set to appear: 2011 Trophy Tournament winner CJ Banks, Zack "Diamond" Gibson and more.

FutureShock 56! - Stockport Masonic Guildhall
Sunday 29th January

Stockport Guildhall
Wellington Road South (A6)
Stockport, Cheshire

Doors open: 17.30
Show starts: 18:00

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That match was good i agree. I dont remember the referee at all from that match. But thats surely the point, the best referees are the ones who dont get noticed.


Dont worry about it mr pjeramcroft. Its only one persons opinion, maybe watch the footage back and see for yourself to evaluate your own performance. And anyway at the end of the day its only wrestling, there are more important things in life to worry about.


The show was really good, first one ive been to for a while and id definetly recommend people to go and see the next futureshock show.



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