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ADSL/Phoneline/Splitters Problem


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Had some problems with the phoneline, so had to mess about with the wires and splitters to get my ADSL connection working again. However, as it stands now, whenever someone phones/just picks up the phone downstairs, it cuts the internet connection upstairs. This is what Ive got:






Thats the main phoneline. The splitter to the left goes to the downstairs phone (the one which, if picked up, will disconnect the net connection). The wire going right goes upstairs.






The white wire going through the wall is the ADSL line, and the other two are for phones.



Im sure there is a much better soltuion for this arrangement. Anyone in the know want to suggest any improvements? Possibly use a ADSL Faceplate, or something similar?

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Cheers for the reply, but the other socket in the filter is for an ADSL connection. Thinking about it, is the filter even needed downstairs? Shouldnt the phone-line splitter thats already in there do the job? Maybe its just a dodgy splitter.


Any other suggestions?

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What actually changed from the exisiting setup when it was working?


On having another look at the pictures..........


Plug your downstairs filter straight into the wall. Then get another one of those two way splitters from picture two (the one with the blue and white wires connecting to it) and plug it into the downstairs filter so you are left with the downstairs phone and the upstairs connection running to it. I think *hope!* this should work ?

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