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UKFF Argumental Challenge

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Now that all of the participants are clued up on how this works I've edited this post to make it into the fixture list. (I've saved a copy of what it said before if anybody does need it).


Summary of the rules:

- Each entry must be no more than 500 words.

- The winners of each match up until the semi-finals chosen by by a panel of judges; the final will be decided by a poll on here.

- Round 1 entries must be submitted by 6:00pm on SUNDAY 22nd.

- All fixtures in Round 1 are generated at random.

- The poster in the 'home' position of each fixture is arguing FOR the statement assigned to their match; the poster in the 'away' position is arguing AGAINST the statement.




ItsClobberingTime - ThePhenom

The Rock Was Greater Than Steve Austin.


scott 2k16 - mim731

WCW featured a superior television product than WWF throughout the 1990s.





moofasa - Dr.PeterVenkman

Ric Flair was greater than Shawn Michaels.


CracktonMoj - LariatTom

John Cena should turn heel at this year's Wrestlemania.





Megan Midas - Dingbat

Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak should be ended.


Ronnie - PowerButchi

The WWE and World Heavyweight championships should be unified.





Chris B - spotlightmagnet1

There should be another distinctive brand split between Raw and Smackdown.


Toilet Rapper - DrNo

There has been a better Wrestlemania than Wrestlemania X7.





tom - Chris Brooker

There is no place for managers in wrestling today.


Gladstone Small - Lefty

Vince should resurrect the WCW name as another brand.





Fox Piss - HarmonicGenerator

Edge had a greater decade than Kurt Angle between 2000 and 2010.


Chilli Dog - The BarbarIAN

The stable does not fill a place in wrestling anymore.





Dearly Devoted Dexter - tiger rick

There has been a greater Wrestlemania match than either of the HBK/Undertaker matches.


CleetusVanDamme - Bernard Rage

Blood should be allowed on WWE television and the PG rating should be scrapped.





SpiritOfTheForest - AJS269

Bret Hart was greater than Shawn Michaels.


Supremo - Pepper Plunge

Tag team wrestling should not be revitalised by WWE.

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Perhaps I'd have more topics less centric to WWF/E from Attitude era on though. They seem to dominate the possible topics, do the years 1998-2011 in the WWF/E.


Yeah, I noticed that too whilst I was writing them out. There are two key reasons for this being the case. The first being that I wanted the topics to be situations that would be universally known by all entrants, though the main reason being that I have very limited knowledge of wrestling prior to this period.

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Perhaps you could use some sweeping scenarios that encompass all of wrestling everywhere? IE: "The Stable does not fill a purpose in professional wrestling" "The art of the manager is dead". Looking more at general philosophy leading to stronger and more informed argument than a clearly defined and pigeon holed bit of wrestling canon.

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