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UKFF Battle Rap 2012: Round 1


With Rey Piste not rapping, HarmonicGenerator receives an automatic entry to Round 2. However, due to neither Chest Rockwell nor Forrest posting a rap, what should become of the vacant slot in Round 2?  

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I know I'm late, decide how you like. Though I'd least put my contribution in:


I've fought the best,

Now I'm taking the rest.

And the rest, in this case,

Has the name of Chest.


I tell you boy,

You ain't the cream of the crop.

You're the weak hand slap

to my knife edge chop (Woo!)


I don't want to be asinine.

But I'm the Mania 3 to your Mania 9.

While I'm slamming the Monster of Grenob-le.

You're hanging with JR in matching Togas.


If you were Hogan, you'd be Horace.

To My Hollywood Hulk.

No time for bush-beating.

Your rhymes are just plain dull.

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In my defence I was suspended for a week, so I never saw this until about half an hour ago, when I've finally gotten a chance to get online. I can get a rap sorted once I'm done cooking my dinner.


You were doing time, son. That just adds to your rapper cred.


His dinner's taking a fair while, though.

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