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Chest Rockwell

UKFF Post of the Year 2011

What was the best post of 2011?  

136 members have voted

  1. 1. as nominated in the post of the year 2011 thread

    • Chris B - Fresh Prince
    • IanHitmanHart/The BarbarIAN - guess the chin
    • WyldSybianRyder - Proper Lad
    • The BarbarIAN - Bulldog
    • NEWM - Austin's Gone
    • Scott Malbranque catches the gay
    • The BarbarIAN - freaks
    • air_raid addresses Flaming June

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Yep, Ian's Bulldog post for me, too. Sometimes I see some posts in on and off-topic and think 'fuck that, I can't be arsed reading it' or sometimes I simply don't have the time but with Ian's posts like that I can be arsed and I will make the time. It's a great format he's used and I think the Bulldog one was the best of a very, very good bunch. Some other crackers up for this award, but I just can't look past Ian's for this.

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Duke    9
Raid. I know people will scoff at him putting so much into it to the point where he may have made himself out to look like a bigger antagonist than June, but it's a deconstruction the likes of which Supremo (and myself once upon a time) would dole out while still keeping things interesting.


Ian's Bulldog post is a thing of beauty though. Please do one on Triple H.

100% of this. It's exactly the kind of thing that doesn't happen enough and so deserves recognition. Ian's appreciation threads are great, but this is a thing of absolute beauty.

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