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Ethernet Cable Help w/2x RJ45 ports.

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Sorry for posting a help topic but I'm really struggling with buying an ethernet cable as I am not sure what all the techincal shit means.


Anyway, heres the story...


I live in uni halls and have around a 30 meg connection in my bedroom which is pretty decent. For the Rumble I'm having a few friends round but plan to put a long wire in my connection in my room and into the kitchen (roughly 25 meters away) so I'm looking for a 30 meter cable to hook into my laptop in the kitchen and then via HDMI onto a widescreen TV.


Since looking into the issue it's much more complicated than I first thought as there is the CAT5 & CAT6 and copper plated cables. Now with my internet speed and length of the cable will I be alright with getting a cheap one or will I need to buy a decent one? As I've seen that cheaps ones can often disconnect and be abit shit.. Either way would anybody be able to recommend me any with 2 RJ45 ports on either end?


Thanks for your help.

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