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RNV Wrestling Rumble in Kent/London

RNV Wrestling

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RNV Wrestling returns to the Falconwood Community Centre next Saturday for the 5th annual RNV Rumble.


RNV Wrestling is a local promotion that have been holding regular events in Welling since 2007. We have a loyal following in the area and always deliver a mix of great wrestling with entertaining characters and personalities which make the events an enjoyable experience for fans of all ages.




Date: Saturday 21st January 2012

Venue: Falconwood Community Centre, Welling, Kent, DA16 2PG


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Match preview:

Ladder Match for the RNV Championship - 'Mr Clean' Anton Green vs RNV Champion Gabriel Myers

The Business, 'Mr Clean' Anton Green & Gabriel Myers, reigned as RNV Tag Team Champions for fourteen months - the longest reign in RNV history. After losing the titles to Ricky Revolution and Vain, the duo both set their individual sights on winning the RNV Championship which would ultimately put them on a collision course with each other.


Prior to Gabriel Myers' match with Decon Frost for the vacant RNV Championship in October, Mr Clean attempted to substitute himself in Myers' place but was swiftly shot down. Tempers began to flare between The Business partners and Mr Clean actually slapped Myers across the face. He would soon regret making such a bold move as Myers blasted him with a spinebuster, putting an end to any Business plans.


As Mr Clean returned to the locker room, Myers and Frost fought back and forth for the right to be called Champion. After executing the spinebuster on Frost, Myers appeared to have the title won but the count was stopped by Mr Clean. Whilst the referee restrained Myers from going after his former ally, Dow Jones came to ringside and handed the RNV Championship to Deacon Frost.


As Myers turned around, Frost took a swing with the belt but was hoisted up for an F5 which Myers executed for the winning fall. The new RNV Champion would have little time to celebrate though as Mr Clean and Dow Jones were joined by Star Limit and Mike Chalkley. Overwhelmed by the numbers, Myers was beaten down and at the mercy of his attackers until Tommy Martins, Vain and Ricky Revolution rushed to the ring and cleaned house!


Fan-cam footage (facebook)


A challenge was then issued for the Clash event in November - Gabriel Myers, Tommy Martins, Vain & Ricky Revolution vs Mr Clean, Dow Jones & Star Limit in a traditional Elimination Tag Match.


In that match, Mr Clean scored a highly controversial pinfall over the reigning RNV Champion to win the match for his team. Equally as controversially, Mr Clean actually left the event with the RNV Championship belt in his possession despite the fact that the title was not at stake during the contest.


Fan-cam footage (facebook)


Incensed at these actions and eager to not only get his hands on Mr Clean but also take back possession of the physical title, Myers demanded to face him at the RNV Rumble on Saturday 21st January 2012. Mr Clean accepted but on the condition that the RNV Championship be suspended above the ring and the first man to retrieve it will be declared the RNV Champion.


Gabriel Myers had no hesitation in accepting the challenge which means on January 21st, the RNV Championship will be decided in a Ladder Match as the two former Business partners put everything on the line for the right to be called Champion.



Former tag team partners - Myers & Green as 'The Business'



RNV Champion Gabriel Myers

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Come on, you make me sound like the Jonah of British Wrestling!


I've never wrestled for VPW but that would've been me on the UFO events. I wouldn't dispute the disastrous label but I actually have very fond memories of that weekend.


The working conditions weren't really conducive to putting on a good show but I couldn't fault them on the way the promoters treated us.


The wage was the best I ever received which is also a credit to then RBW promoter, Gerry Norton, as he was in charge of distributing the wages and made sure we were well looked after. That was in addition to being put up in a decent hotel (where Sammy Ray and I watched Wrestlemania XX live) and taking care of travel expenses.


I enjoyed my matches too although the ban on crowd interaction was a little off putting!

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Quick results for Saturday's show are posted below and a full report can be found on our facebook group - RNV Facebook Group


RNV Wrestling Rumble


6 Man Tag

Hugh Mungus, Deacon Frost & Dow Jones defeated Bill Duffy, Karl Atlas and Stevie James


RNV Inter-Regional Title

'High Stakes' Tommy Martins pinned Scott Star


RNV Tag Team Title

Vain & Ricky Revolution defeated The Devil's Rejects


RNV Championship - Ladder Match

Gabriel Myers beat 'Mr Clean' Anton Green

RNV Rumble

Ricky Revolution eliminated Scott Star to win


RNV Wrestling returns to the Falconwood Community Centre on Saturday 25th February - RNV event page



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