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The best visuals of all time...


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If there's one thing that I love in wrestling it's a damn good visual that defines a feud, a particular wrestler or even just a moment in time. I honestly believe that a well thought out visual to close a go home show before a PPV can add extra buyrates just as well as a good video package or promo can if it's done right. A good visual can also turn a feud or angle into something that feels so important.


A good example to start with is the debut of Nexus. I always thought them surrounding the ring with Cena inside was a terrific visual and of course the visual of RAW going off the air with Nexus standing over a destroyed Cena kicked the angle off in amazing fashion.





Another example that sticks in my mind is HBK standing over a prone Hogan with a vacant, almost remorseful, look in his eyes




It can be any sort of visual; even just an arena or ring setup that adds to the visual delight of wrestling. For example, years ago there was a SmackDown in an arena with a really low roof and for me it just made that entire show look brilliant and different to a normal show, it was circa Team Angle with it perhaps being the episode where Heyman formed the group.


And now it's over to you...

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Tom, a better example IMO from the Nexus rampage is this one:




When Wade wandered down the aisle, you just thought he was going to run in or something. But as soon as this image was on your TV, you knew shit was gonna go down. Some real badass shit.

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