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Legitimacy of website

Shovanist Pig

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I was looking to purchase something from this website.What I want to know is it the real McCoy or not? What do you think?

As somebody who works on websites selling weight loss and male health supplements... let me tell you...Avoid. A real given is that they have no SSL certificate setup on their order page... that's the little padlock that appears in the bottom right hand corner (or next to the side bar... depends what browser your using) to show you the order process is secure. SSL are fairly traceable so it's harder for dodgy websites to utilize them. This is one of those sites I see regurgitated under a number of different domains and identities. They will get high in search rankings using "black hat" (i.e. naughty and misleading) techniques, get Google-slapped (banned) and then reappear elsewhere.
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