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Pre-stardom jobbing YouTube directory


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Follow up to the awesome squash match directory. Let's gather up those potentially embarrassing clips of future superstars in their ceiling-gazing days. Earlier, babyfaced and mulleted is better, and I've not bothered with people who'd already made some sort of indy name for themselves like Samoa Joe or Low Ki working on Heat.


If we can use the format I've used here, I'll try to update a master list in this post.


So for starters:



Edge (as Damon Striker) vs Kevin Sullivan


Headbanger Thrasher (as Glen Ruth) vs Steiners



Justin Credible (as PJ Walker) vs Diesel


Louie Spicolli vs Honky Tonk Man



Matt Hardy vs Nikolai Volkoff


Mick Foley (as Jack Foley) & Les Thornton vs British Bulldogs



Mustafa Saed vs Van Hammer


Perry Saturn (as Peter Motts) vs Tatanka



Rhyno (as Terry Richards) vs Henry Godwin



Scotty 2 Hotty (as Scott Taylor) vs Yokozuna


Shane Douglas (as Troy Martin) vs Randy Savage

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Scott Steiner vs Ron Garvin


EDIT: Cleets got there first. I'm trying to find Lucius Brown (Virgil) vs Paul Orndorff from an episode of Wrestling Challenge in 1986 online, but no luck. I've got the episode on my heard drive though, so I'll upload it later if it's not going to take me forever.

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