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UKFF FIFA 12 PS3 League EURO 2012


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Hey guys. I'll be taking the reigns from TUFCfan this season.


Just post your PSN in this thread and I'll add you to the league. I'm still throwing about ideas for how the league will work and what teams we will play as, so any ideas are more then welcome. People that have left the league halfway through in the past without explanation may not be allowed to enter the league.


Post away :thumbsup:


TildeGuy~! - andrewdutton

TUFCfan - TUFCfan

rohpete - rohpete

El Nicko Loco - Nick_Sellers

Louch - SWL-83

El Espanacas - borobeanyuk

blackcountywwfc - fmburchillfan121

TezzRexx - TezzRexx

stunstone316 - stunstone

carmellaisagoddess - gaffer786

C/WMark Please! - KingMark619

The Jon - Doynio

Tapout Tapes - TheMoShot

FoxPiss - bigbcc

wmxx - Pm_lynch

Lawz - LawzE23



Poland - El Espanacas

Greece - Fox Piss

Russia - blackcountywwfc

Scotland - Tezz Rexx



Holland - Tildeguy~!

Denmark - Louch

Germany - carmellaisagoddess

Portugal - The Jon



Spain - Lawz

Italy - El Nicko Loco

Republic of Ireland - stunstone316

Croatia - TUFCfan



Turkey - wmxx

Sweden - C/WMark Please!

France - Tapout Tapes

England - rohpete


No order of fixtures will take place, you can play them as soon as you want and please post your scorers of the games so I can compile a golden boot list.


Good luck to those involved!

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I am ready to go for the new season to hopefully retain my title. I work a late evening shift now so it may be difficult to play my games but I will see how it goes.



PSN: gaffer786

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