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Melina's eBay account


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Seems to be a bit of an uproar with Melina's eBay account. It contains a shit load of negative feedback, and alot of people haven't recieved items that they have purchased from her. She is now also listed a no longer being registered user on eBay. I feel since WWE let her go that she turned into a complete and utter bitter bitch. I've never liked her tbh, would love to know the story behind this eBay thing.


Apparently, alot of people who contacted her via Twitter and Facebook concerning the items were blocked immediately without an explanation.



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So I take it you didn't get the pair of used knickers you bought then?

Was planning on buying those, but once the description said they'd been washed, i decided against the idea :( .


Never the same when they've been washed are they.

Definently not, i love it when the whiff stings my eyes. So when i seen Washed in bold, underlined writing i immediately clicked off the auction.

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