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New Year, New Username


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Time to annoy everyone on the forum and to let the usual whinge bags start the year off with a ruddy good moan.


Two options:


Pick your own shite username:


Pick your own username using the following exact template:


Hi neil,


I've always thought of you as a top internet mate, and I'd like to have the following username:




I'll happily buy you a pint or bottle WKD down the <YOUR LOCAL PUB GOES HERE>.


Thanks again for being a top top banana,




You have a 50/50 chance of getting your username (determined by ONLINE RANDOM THING) If you don't post in that exact format then I will choose your username. If the username is already taken then the username will be selected by me.


Have me select your username

Basically just post anything in this thread and I will give you a username that will probably be poo themed and quite bad. There are some diamonds in the rough though, so it's worth doing this*





This thread will be open for an UNKNOWN time period.

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