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The 2012 Royal Rumble Lottery

Glenryck Pilchards

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How do, I will be organising this years lottery once again and if you have never played before the rules could not be simpler. All you need to do is pick 5 numbers between 1 to 30 (30 is the confirmed number at the moment, you may want to hang fire if Vince goes mad and makes it a 50 man Rumble.)


The numbers you have selected will in turn be wrestlers who are representing you, and depending on their performance will score you points.


The points that are available at the moment;


Winner - 10 points

2nd (last eliminated) - 5 points

3rd - 3 points

4th - 2 points

5th - 1 point


Your wrestler eliminates another - 2 points


Ammended Rule 28/1/12

Survivor award; the most time spent in the ring - 5 points

2nd longest - 4 points

3rd longest - 3 points

4th longest - 2 points

5th longest - 1 point


The Bushwhacker Luke award; If your wrestler is eliminated within 30 seconds of entering the ring you are deducted 2 points.


Surprise entrant bonus - If you get someone who is not part of the active roster (last year Booker and Nash) you will receive 5 points.


The Kane chokeslam penalty. If your pick is chokeslammed by Kane you lose a point. If your number is Kane you will get a point for each chokeslam he delivers, but if he gets chokeslammed you lose 3 points.


++++++++++++++++NEWLY ADDED 9TH JANUARY++++++++++++++


Skinning the Cat Award - If your wrestler skins the cat and returns into the ring you will gain two points. However if he is eliminated whilst attempting it or within three seconds of returning into the ring he will be deducted four points for being a dickhead.


The Tiffany Award - If your wrestler is by himself in the ring (after entrant number two enters the ring) then he will receive one point. It is possible for your wrestler to score more than once ala CM Punk from a few years ago where he eliminated someone then preached to the crowd for a couple of times. Obviously the winner is not included in this.


Closing date for entries is at 6pm saturday 28th January.

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Also -


Skinning The Cat Award - If your pick skins the cat, add 2 points.


The Make It a Win Award - If your pick is Titus O'Neil, then an extra point every time he barks like a dog. If he gets eliminated without making any eliminations himself, you lose all barking points.


The Harder They Fall Award - If it takes more than 2 men to eliminate your pick, an extra point per person over 2. So 3 people is 1 point, 4 people is 2, etc.


Stranger Danger Award - If your pick is eliminated by someone not a part of the Rumble anymore/to begin with, lose 3 points.

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