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Sega Dreamcast & Sega Saturn bundles for sale!


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Sega Dreamcast White Console (PAL) ***Boxed, 18 games, Arcade Stick & more!!!***




Boxed with packaging, leaflets, demo disc and instructions manuals, Sega Dreamcast, power and rf leads with 1 controller included.

2 extra official controllers

2 Official rumble packs in original packaging

1 unofficial large capacity VMU

Official scart lead, boxed.

Unofficial VGA box (I have included all necessary cables to hook it up in 480p to any HDTV or PC monitor with VGA and play in progressive)

Official Boxed Arcade stick



Capcom vs SNK 2 (import)

Fighting Game (I cannot remember or see the english title on the box, it is the only other import game)

Marvel vs Capcom

Soul Calibur

Virtua Fighter 3tb

Grandia II

Conflict Zone

Virtua Tennis 2

Sonic Adventure

Sega Rally

Sword of the Beserk

Dragon Riders

Space Channel 5

Tokoyo Highway Challenge 2

Jet Set Radio

NHL Blitz 2000


Daytona USA 2001


Sega Saturn Black Console (PAL) *Boxed, 24 games, accessories, great condition*




You are bidding on a great bundle of a sega saturn console, boxed with all inserts and instructions, power lead, RF lead, controller and below accessories and games. All is in good condition and in working order. All games are complete with instruction manual. The only things of note are some of the marks on the saturn box, as you can see in the picture and the game case for Street Fighter the movie has broken hinges. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.


1 extra controller (in original box packaging)

Memory Cartridge

2 x Virtua/Light gun (includes box, all packaging in leaflets)

Virtua Cop 1

Virtua Cop 2

Olympic Soccer

Ultimate Mortal Combat 3

Manx Superbike TT


Sega Worldwide Soccer 97

Street Fighter Alpha 2

Fifa 96

Sega Rally

Three Dirty Dwarves

Die Hard Arcade

Daytona USA

Krazy Ivan

Fighting Vipers

Die Hard Trilogy

Sega Ages Volume 1 (After Burner 2, Space Harrier, Outrun)

Athlete Kings

Alien Trilogy

Virtua Fighter 2

Street Fighter the Movie

Panzer Dragoon

Tomb Raider

International Victory Goal

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