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Royal Rumble Surprise Entrant Pool: make your pick


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A full list of entrants can be found underneath The Rules.




It's January, which means it must be Royal Rumble time. At time of posting this thread it's not for another four weeks, but I want to do this now, so fuck waiting until nearer the time.


The Royal Rumble match is normally loads of fun. Invariably one of the best things about it is the chance of surprise entrants; people from the past you never expected to show up, showing up and having a go at some of the current stars, as well as entrants announced beforehand who you never thought would come back.


Last year, we got Booker T and Big Daddy Cool himself:




We've had surprise returns from injury, like Edge in 2010(?) and Cena in 2008 to that massive MSG pop:




Also in 2008, Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka turned up and fought each other:




I think 2001 and 2002 were the best years for surprise entrants and returns. 2001 gave us Drew Carey, but also Honky Tonk Man and Haku (HAKU!!!)





In 2002, they were all announced beforehand, but the Rumble was the first time we got to see the returns of The Godfather and Val Venis, who'd been off TV for a while, Goldust (who got his proper widescreen cinematic entrance as I recall), and MR. PERFECT (!!!!) . These guys alone made it one of my favourite Rumbles. Triple H won it after his return from injury as well, but who cared about that when MR. PERFECT was there.




(I couldn't find any pictures of the other three)




I hope that the 2012 Royal Rumble, whatever form it takes, has a few surprise/return entrants in it.


But who should they be? You decide!


This works a bit like the Dead Pool. Basically, everyone picks the wrestler you want to see turn up unexpectedly in the Rumble Match. If your pick is right, you win ... I dunno, a short story written by me in which you and Kevin Nash team up to fight crime.


A few ground rules:


- Don't just put a name. I want a picture, and a brief description of what you think they'll do in the Rumble and how they might fare. If your pick turns up, and what they do corresponds in any way to your write-up, you get to stipulate details of your short story.


- We're not looking for a Rumble winner. Just someone you want to turn up and have a go.


- It should be someone you WANT to appear, not someone you think WILL. Therefore:


- No cheating and using newz sites and spoilers to make picks, because that's no fun.


- The more obscure name, the better. One Man Gang? Sure, why not. Mark Jindrak? That could happen. Sir Mo? Fuck yeah. Etc. Try and keep it to one choice if you can.


- No using people on the current roster, unless they're currently on long term injury (Rey Mysterio or Skip Sheffield would be fine picks. Really fucking boring picks, but they'd be allowed).


- Current WWE agents are fine too (so Road Dogg or Arn Anderson might be your choice).


- Dead wrestlers only if you're really confident they'll show up.


- Don't use Bossman. It's already a foregone conclusion that this is his year to win the thing.



LIST OF ENTRANTS SO FAR (usernames updated following the New Year Name Changes):


Adam Young - Kenzo Suzuki / Husky Harris / Hade Vansen

air_raid - Shane Douglas / D'Lo Brown

ajmcstyles - Ken Shamrock / Vader

BiffingtonClyro - Lashley

Big Benny HG - Nailz

BigJ - Christian

brutusbarber - The Shockmaster

bwo - Demolition (one or more members)

cactus_stumo - Arn Anderson / Tully Blanchard / Barry Windham / JJ Dillon

Cobra1000 - Rey Mysterio

cobra_gordo - Meng

C-Rock - The Godfather

d1t3c - Trevor Murdoch / Mae Young / Hugh Jackman / one of the Muppets

dharmabear - John Laurinaitis

Dil|kid - Kurt Angle

Dingbat - Michael Cole / The Undertaker

dopper - Miyoko Blassie

Dreamers of Dreams - Pete Rose

Ebb - Papa Shango

El Dingo Capitano - Kharma

El Espanacas - Al Snow / Head

Fox Piss - The Boogeyman / Eugene

garynysmon - Bob Backlund


GBH_189 - Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Gladstone Small - JBL

gmoney - Tito Santana / Roddy Piper

Grecian - MVP

HarmonicGenerator - Steve Blackman / Anonymous RAW GM

hbk4life - Virgil / Dusty Rhodes

insert_name_here - Ernest 'the Cat' Miller / DDP

Killjoy_Gee - Mr. Belding / Mike Chiapetta / Shaquille O'Neal / Matthew Fox

LariatTom - Matt Hardy

Lawz - Tony Atlas / Andy Levine

Leary of Doom - Ultimate Warrior / Rick Martel

Lou Cyfer - Sgt. Slaughter / Ted DiBiase Sr

Mafia Scum Scum - Road Warrior Animal

martyngnr - Rikishi

Max Power - Konnan / The Rock

moofasa - The Headbangers (either member) / Flash Funk / Tracy Smothers / Blue Meanie

MyNameIs... - 1-2-3 Kid

ninevisions - Marty Jannetty

patdfb - Kaientai / Funaki

Pepper_Plunge - Scotty 2 Hotty

Philjax - ECW Zombie / Ghost of Owen Hart

PowerButchi - Barry O / Vince McMahon / Murray Hodgson

PSF - Mil Mascaras

PunkStep - Davey Richards

Pyrotechnik - Lance Storm

Rave - Ricky Steamboat

Reznor - Norman Smiley

RJ Impact - Rhyno

Rosegarden Funeral - Brad Flash

scott_2k16 - Tatanka / Hardcore Holly / John Morrison / Cowboy Bob Orton

scouseman - Lex Luger

scratchdj - Doink the Clown

Shane O'Mac Version 2 - Road Dogg / Finlay

Sheffbag - Goldberg / BxB Hulk / Prince Devitt

Shovanist Pig - Big Daddy V

Silky Kisser - Billy Gunn

Sir Steve Redgrave - Kongo Kev

SK8 WAR - Nathan Jones / Sean O'Haire / Mordecai / The Big O

SpiralTap - Chyna

spotlightmagnet1 - Gangrel / Steve Austin

Steve 'Big' Jobs - Palmer Cannon / Heidenreich / Kerwin White / Kizarny

steviearlo - Rob Van Dam

The_BarbarIAN - Triple H / Batista

The British Bushwacker - Honky Tonk Man

thefallenangel - Brock Lesnar

tom - Billy Kidman / Goldust / Dean Malenko

Tommy! - Repo Man

Trevor - Sid / Mean Street Posse (any member)

TripleA - Andre the Giant / Gillberg / Grandmaster Sexay

Trout Stain - Perry Saturn

Vamp - Chris Masters

villacraig32 - Floyd Mayweather / Kurrgan / The Oddities (any member)

Vipes - Koko B Ware

Wrasslin - Pee-Wee Herman

Wretch - Brian Kendrick




My pick is this guy:




It's been too long since we've seen the Lethal Weapon. I think he last turned up for the RAW 15th Anniversary, so we're overdue another appearance.


Can you imagine how tremendous it would be if, halfway through the Rumble, the countdown reaches 0 and




Blackman walks down with those nunchuky things and shows off in the ring a bit. Kicks Heath Slater or someone in the face, counters Santino's attempt at the Cobra by locking him in a guillotine choke, and eliminates him. Then he gets chucked out by Kane or someone a few minutes later.


I wouldn't mind if Blackman stuck around for a couple of weeks after the Rumble, actually.


As a second choice, I'm going for the Anonymous RAW GM (or failing that, their laptop, carried by Michael Cole). That story's getting resolved in 2012, dammit.



"May I have your attention please... I'm winning the Rumble!"



Make your picks, UKFF... who do you want to turn up in four weeks' time?

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Road Dogg is a fucking awesome choice, and I think it's practically a given he'll be in. He'll come in about halfway through the Rumble (any word on whether it's 30 or 40 this year? 40 seemed a bit like overkill to me). He'll bring a mic to the ring and cut a funny promo (maybe slightly risque seeing as it's PPV). I can see him having a decent, but not overly long showing. He might eliminate some mid tier heels like Otunga and Mahal, and at some point should do the "Shake, Rattle and Roll" knee drop. If the Slammys are any indication, he'll get a monster pop, so best to have him eliminated by a rising heel that they'd like to get heat on. Perhaps Dolph Ziggler, ending Dogg's run in less than 10 minutes.


At this time, my computer is being a bitch and won't let me get a picture, but Finlay should definitely get the call back. His release because a couple of troops got butthurt is one of the more asinine things WWE have done in recent years. The fighting Irishman is a huge asset to the company, and with age surely set to play a factor soon, this is the perfect time to let him have one last good run. He'd be the designated marathon man this year, clocking in somewhere between 20-30 minutes. I wouldn't have him get too many eliminations, but he'd definitely handle most of the match's workrate.

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I'll just go with the one. I'd be killing myself trying to come up with two or three from the dozen or so 'always could show up' type guys hanging around.




The Rumble should prove a healthy way to collect a lot of peoples taxes at once.

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This is a long shot but considering they are in WWE 12 I am going to take at least one member of Demolition showing up. It won't happen, but I so want it too.

Will they then insert themselves into the tag division without invitation and bugger everything up? :angry:

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