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Greatest Rivalries of the 80s DVD

Jason Mayhem

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The Dibiase and Duggan feud from Mid-South should be on there.


Street fight- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-q84zWWapGY...feature=related

Build up of the events leading to the coal miners glove on a pole tuxedo match-

The actual match- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PXTFqWVfQc...feature=related




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Flair vs Steamboat is something of a must, not only for match quality but for the quintessential storytelling of two very different characters fighting for what they believed in, and for the gold. Flair was such a brilliant dickhead, it's a shame that near the end of the feud he managed to turn himself baby (as he frequently did) by just being that fucking good.


As a massive pervert I'd put Rockers vs Tully & Arn on there and have as many of their matches as possible, not for historic value like some others offered, but just because I loved the matches.


For intensity and realism in a rivalry I have a soft spot for Hulk Hogan vs Paul Orndorff. Looking back, I totally want Mr Wonderful to annihilate the egomaniac at Jesse Ventura's urging - similar to the Savage matches, in that respect.


If we're going outside the WWF/NWA for these, I'd throw Austin Idol vs Jerry Lawler in there too. Intense as fuck, lengthy, involved titles, cages and a haircut. What more do you want?

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Obviously most fantasy DVD sets are different to the ones produced from WWE, but if I could make these suggestions I'd use them.



Yeah so match quality was not exactly off the scale but regardless it is one of the most famous feuds of the 80's. The superhero champion against the undefeated giant. It's a fucking fairy story all the way up to Mania 3. Then you have the advancement with Andre returning for Survivor Series and the involvement of Ted DiBiaisi adding an extra twist to it. Then you have the Main Event angle which was just shit hot for it's time and following through with Mania 4, WrestleFest '88 in the Cage and the Mega Bucks/Mega Powers finale at Summerslam. It's a cracking conclusion to the most iconic feud of the 80's. As I said, match quality was not too great, but the story sells itself. It would be stupid not to include this rivalry.


Andre/Hogan Piper's Pit's

Piper's Pit with Andre/Hogan/Heenan/Ventura

Team Hogan/Team Giant Survivor Series 1987

Hogan/Andre The Main Event

Mega Powers/Mega Bucks Summerslam '88


Dynamite Kid/Tiger Mask:

This feud has to go in for a different reason to Hogan/Andre. It is storytelling but on a different level as this feud is based more on the sheer in-ring competitiveness of the opponents. You have the two athletes almost completely in another world to everyone else at the time and sonic booming junior-heavy wrestling to the mainstream audiences. The only story arc really is that Tiger won most if not all but one match in this feud. He was the star, the Road Runner and Dynamite Kid did a cracking Coyote, flying around all over the place. They even get steady pops from the Japanese fans considering how different they are to western audiences. The MSG is a particular highlight with MSG going ape-shit for Tiger by the end of the match. Thrilling stuff.


Tiger Mask/Dynamite Match 1

Tiger Mask/Dynamite Kid Match 2

Tiger Mask/Dynamite Kid Match 3

Tiger Mask/Dynamite Kid Match 4

Tiger Mask/Dynamite Kid Match 5

Tiger Mask/Dynamite Kid Match 6 (MSG)

Tiger Mask/Dynamite Kid Match 7



Fucking love this feud, different from how Steamboat and Flair conducted there feud. This was more based on good story than guaranteed great action ala Flair/Dragon. You have the Flair... THE MAN, the measuring stick, jet flying, throwing money, smashing southern belles and rolexing through 60 minute Broadway matches with the best in the world and then you the common man, son of a plumber. It's a brilliant contrast. Just superb stuff. The matches played on great story telling psychology as seen in there fun match at Starrcade '85. Both men could sell the matches on there promos alone, you hardly get this emotion and its rare. But when it happens you watch it 25 years later and you are still stunned and hooked. One of the best feuds from 80's JCP.


Face to Face with Bill Apter

Dusty Rhodes Hard Times Promo

Ric Flair/Dusty Rhodes Starrcade '85



Ric had some of the best feuds from the 80's. This was one of the finest because you got Flair in A-game promo mode and then you get the quality matches against Steamer. Some amazing matches throughout all the runs they had before the big three matches from 1989. The playboy champion against the never give up family man, like Flair/Rhodes made for a fun and great dynamic to play out on the weekly shows in 1989. Flair eventually went babyface these matches were so damn good. Shame Steamboat didn't stick around for long after they could have done more with that. Still, it's one of the defining feuds of the 1980's.


Steamboat Returns

Flair calls out Steamboat Clash of the Champions V

Flair/Steamboat Chi-Town Rumble

Flair/Steamboat Clash of the Champions VI

Flair/Steamboat WrestleWar '89


Might post some more stuff later, too tired now.

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