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The UKFF Create-a-DVD Thread

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The UKFF Create-a-DVD Thread


Put yourself in the mindset that you have been given the chance to come up with the next WWE DVD, though there are no restrictions on which promotions, wrestlers, or time periods you may feature.



1) You MUST provide links to your choices.

2) You MUST name your "DVD". (The name doesn't have to be anything spectacular, "The Lance Storm Collection" would be fine).

3) Try to use YouTube, but other sites are allowed if necessary.

4) Be as creative as you can - colours and pictures in your posts would be nice.

5) Your "DVD" doesn't necessarily have to be limited to a specific wrestler (you could do "The Greatest Heel Turns Set" for instance).


I can't have music on my laptop so unfortunately I can't add any promos or interviews just yet. I'll do a quick example here and then edit my post later on with more matches and some promos and interviews thrown in as well.



"KURT ANGLE: 2001"




Becoming the only Olympic gold medal winner to have taken the step into the world of professional wrestling, Kurt Angle has become one of the most coveted superstars of his generation. Here you can take a look back at some of his finest moments from 2001.


WWF Championship Match, WWF No Way Out 2001.



WWF Championship Match, WWF Summerslam 2001.



WWF King Of The Ring 2001



WWF Championship Match, WWF Unforgiven 2001.



Cage Match, WWF Raw Is War 2001.


WWF Royal Rumble 2001.






Sorry this isn't the best example I can give, but hopefully you'll get the idea and we'll have some good posts.

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CVD (kind of) Presents: The Best Of Chris Masters. 0 Disc Set



Early Potential


Chris Masters vs Shawn Michaels, Unforgiven 2005. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xc12bf_ch...haels-1-2_sport http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xc12gk_ch...haels-2-2_sport


Chris Masters and Carlito vs Ric Flair and the returning HHH, the night after Unforgiven 2005. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzQlAR5bMJI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzQlAR5bMJI


Chris Masters vs John Cena vs Kurt Angle, Submission Match, Raw 2005.


Chris Masters vs Jeff Hardy vs Super Crazy vs Shelton Benjamin, Raw 2006.


Chris Masters vs Johnny Nitro vs Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton vs Super Crazy vs Carlito, Raw 2006. Part 1- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOOIxsNxW2g part 2- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4ROziNqACg...feature=related


Return As A King



Chris Masters vs Dolph Ziggler, Superstars, May, 2010. http://www.filestube.com/28d1d528539454d903e9/go.html


Chris Masters vs Cody Rhodes, Superstars, May 2010.


Chris Masters vs Chavo Guerrero, Superstars, August 2010.http://www.filestube.com/1d00b937161cf89603e9/go.html


Chris Masters vs Drew Mcintyre, Superstars, August 2010. http://www.filestube.com/2276148e512dbc4f03eb/go.html


Chris Masters vs Tyler Reeks, Superstars, December 2010. http://www.filestube.com/b78c0721e755049203eb/go.html


Chris Masters vs Drew Mcintyre, Smackdown, April 2011 (Has anyone ever took and sold a DDT as great as Masters did here?.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-NXrS-bLnc...feature=related


Chris Masters vs Drew Mcintyre, Superstars, May 2011, MOTY candidate. http://www.fileserve.com/file/yuKYKhE





Bonus Features


Chris Masters makes a French commentator climax live on the air, just through doing his entrance, *****+..



Chris Masters vs Jack Swagger, fancam, Lyon, April 2011.

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That would be bloody brilliant. Good work.


Been watching a tonne of Rude lately, and he's easily one of my all time faves. I'm especially liking getting the chance to see some of his stuff from the territories/World Class with more of it turning up on the streaming sites.Still a bit rough around the edges in ring, but he looks every inch the future superstar. Also, as great as his WCW theme was, I don't think there's a more fitting entrance than Rude coming out to 'Smooth Operator'. It's just perfect for him, and is a fantastic tune in it's own right.

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I'm Gonna Win the Rumble - Ray Traylor: Hard Times





'Fat Kid from Georgia'

'Life Imitating Art'

'The Bodyguard'

'Life Imitating Art again'

'The Twin Towers'


'Boss Man can't be bought'

'My Momma'

'The Law and Order in the WWF'

'The Ex-Con'

'New Home'

'Different faces'

'The Corporate Bodyguard'

'You Big Nasty Bastard'

'A life cut short'







The Road Warriors Vs Ray Traylor & Bill Tabb - JCP 1986

Big Bubba Rogers Vs Ron Garvin - Starrcade 1986

Big Bubba Rogers Vs The One Man Gang - UWF 1987

Big Bubba Rogers Vs Dr. Death Steve Williams

The Big Boss Man Vs Scott Casey - WrestleFest '88

Bossman/Akeem/DiBiasi/Haku/Rooster Vs Hogan/Savage/Hercules/Hillbilly/Koko - Survivor Series 1988

The Twin Towers Vs The Mega Powers - The Main Event 1989

The Twin Towers Vs The Rockers - Wrestlemania V

The Big Boss Man Vs Hulk Hogan (Cage Match) - Saturday Night's Main Event 1989




Big Boss Man WWF Debut Vignette - WWF 1988

The Big Boss Man Vs Jim Powers - Saturday Night's Main Event 1988

The Brother Love Show w/Hulk Hogan, The Big Boss Man & Slick - WWF 1988







The Big Boss Man Vs Dusty Rhodes - Saturday Night's Main Event 1989

The Big Boss Man Vs Akeem - Satruday Night's Main Event 1990

The Big Boss Man Vs The Barbarian - Royal Rumble 1991

The Big Boss Man Vs Mr. Perfect - Wrestlemania VII

The Big Boss Man Vs Bobby Heenan - WWF 1991

The Big Boss Man & The Rockers Vs The Mountie & The Nasty Boys - WWF 1991

The Big Boss Man Vs The Mountie - Summerslam 1991

The Big Boss Man Vs Nailz - Survivor Series 1992

The Big Boss Man Vs Bam Bam Bigelow - Royal Rumble 1993



The Boss Man can't be bought - WWF 1990

Heenan gets handcuffed - WWF 1990

The Mountie goes to Jail - Summerslam 1991






The Boss Vs Vader - Spring Stampede 1994

Big Bubba Rogers Vs Sting - WCW Monday Nitro 1996

Big Bubba Rogers Vs Hugh Morrus - WCW Souled Out 1997

The Big Boss Man Vs The Rock - WWF RAW 1999

The Big Boss Man & Bull Buchanan Vs APA - Backlash 2000

The Big Boss Man & Booker T Vs Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock- WWF RAW 2002



Vader/The Boss Promo's - WCW 1994

The Big Boss Man attacks Patterson, Brisco & Slaughter - WWF 1998

The Big Boss Man crashes a funeral in the Blues Mobile - WWF 1999

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The Shane McMahon one from last time was amazing.


I would kill for a "100 Scariest Monsters in Wrestling" DVD from Silver Vision. The problem with a monster heel is it's going to get samey if you just focus it on one guy, so why not just have a countdown of different monsters? Give them 4/5 minutes each including a talking head segment and them squashing someone in their own unique manner. Think of the names: Goldberg, Lesnar, Kane, Big Show, Vader, LOD, Yokozuna, Meng, Andre. Mix it with some lesserknowns like Loch Ness and Tomko (you only need 1 decent match for each) Plus it means Mantaur can get a royalty cheque for once! First 3 discs can be the countdown, 4th can be actual competitive matches like big man clashes and Hulk Hogan vs. The World.

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Chilli, that is absolutely cracking work on both fronts. I am sorely tempted to steal your format for my own proposal, but think better of it. Absolutely belting. Inclusion of the MegaPowers/Twin Towers match in its entirety should make it a must-buy for any fans of Bosom Man that don't already have a copy, its a terrific Survivors match. I'd have probably thrown on his match with Koko at SummerSlam '88 too, to mark his PPV debut, and let's be honest, it's not everyone that can say they've pinned a Hall of Famer, is it?


Mix it with some lesserknowns like Loch Ness and Tomko (you only need 1 decent match for each) Plus it means Mantaur can get a royalty cheque for once!


You've hit your first major snag already.

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The life and times of the Mean Street Posse.




Disc 1. Documentary.


Part 1. A principle's worst nightmare. Part 1 covers the high school lives of Pete Gas, Rodney and Shane McMahon, who were all childhood friends. Such highlights are Pete and Rodney's anecdotes of their times together, which involved roundhousing the high school football team, "goofing off" in Spanish class and "raising hell" on the weekends in Shane's monstrous pick up truck.


Part 2. The Mean Street Posse debuts After the hilarious comedy of the first part we move to an inspirational part 2, beginning with Gas and Rodney talking about their heroes, Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan. Who knew that one day they themselves would be as popular as their heroes? We then move on to Wrestlemania, the Posse's debut, where the fans chanted their names and lifted their Posse centric signs aloft with immense pride.


Part 3. Posse=Ratings As unbelievable as it may be, the original intention was for the Mean Street Posse to be a one time only event. The WWE Universe had other ideas! Part 3 focuses on the Posse's dramatic ascendency to global superstars, getting their own WWE contracts. One thing was missing though....


Part 4. Enter Joey Abs Due to the inexperience both Rodney and Pete Gas had in the ring, the Posse needed a third member. This is where Joey Abs comes in. Part 4 is entirely dedicated to Joey, informing the viewer at home about his humble upbringings, along with his frequent journeys up and down the Eastern seaboard with fat arse Matt and his more talented brother, performing as enhancement talents at WWE events.


Part 5. The McMahon-Helmsley era.........and the Mean Street Posse. The fifth part of this sure to be Oscar winning documentary talks about the Posse's ascendency up the card, so far as to be involved in the enormous McMahon-Helmsley era storyline. Like the wrestling equivelant to David Bowie, the Posse shifted to the furthest end of the wrestling spectrum, joining the Hardcore Division.


Part 6. Earning respectDespite all the money, the women and the titles, there was one thing the Posse didn't have just yet, the locker room's respect. All that would change on Wrestlemania, where the Posse were battered all over the arena in a Hardcore Battle Royal Big Trev still remembers to this day.




Part 7. Why Vince? WHY?!Part 6 is dedicated to the illogical, unreasonable and darn right insane decision to not give the Posse new contracts. We find out what the trio have been doing since that fateful day, which leads us to.....


Part 8. Hankies at the readyThe documentary will end in an emotional climax, with a picture of the Posse still together, friends to this day.


As the picture appears, what comes on? Yep, you've guessed it. The Mean Street Posse entrance theme!




Disc 2. Matches.

June 9th, 1999. Mean Street Posse vs Patterson, Briscoe, Test.


August 30th, 1999. Mankind vs Mean Street Posse. Handicap match.


Val Venis, Mark Henry, Gangrel, Steve Blackman vs Mean Street Posse. Traditional Survivor Series match.


December 13th 1999. Mean Street Posse vs Acolytes. Handicap Match.


December 16th 1999. Mean Street Posse vs Acolytes. Handicap match.


March 13th, 2000. Mean Street Posse attack Crash Holly at the airport.


March 9th, 2000. Mean Street Posse attack Crash Holly at laundremaut (featuring Teddy Long as referee)


Wrestlemania, 2000. Hardcore Battle Royal (thoroughly recommended!!!)



The Radicalz sucker punch the Posse in a jealousy fuelled attack.


October 8th, 2000. Mean Street Posse vs Hardy Boyz.


This DVD would be an instant hit for the WWE, Big Trev is almost tempted to email them this post as a buisness proposal. Hope you enjoyed it.

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