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Rare TV Shows


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can get rare tv shows on disc or almost any show that was never released on dvd.


if u are looking for a show lmk as i may be able to get it :thumbsup:


2 Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps complete collection (6 seasons)


24 season 1-8


30 Rock season 1-5


3rd Rock From The Sun complete collection (6 seasons)


7 Days complete collection (3 seasons)


7th Heaven season 1-4


77 Sunset Strip


8 Simple Rules season 1-3


90210 season 1-2


A Different World


Above Suspicion


Absolute Power season 1-2


According To Jim season 3-8




Adventure Inc


Afro Samurai


Afterlife season 1-2




Alan Partridge season 1


Alias complete complete collection (5 seasons)


Alias Smith & Jones season 1


Ally McBeal complete collection


America's Next Top Model season 1-16


American Dad season 1-6


American Gothic season 1


American Hot Rod season 4-5


An Idiot Abroad


Andromeda complete collection (5 seasons)


Angel complete collection (5 seasons)


Angela's Eyes


Anne Green Gables (original + sequel)


Any Human Heart




Are You Being Served season 7-10


Armstrong & Miller season 5


Army Wives season 1-5


Arrested Development complete collection (3 seasons)


Ashes to Ashes season 1-3


Avatar season 1-2


Bad Girls season 4, 6-8


Bad Lads Army season 2 + extrene


Baddiel & Skinner Unplanned


Balls of Steel season 2-3


Band of Brothers


Banzai season 2


Batman Gotham Knights


Batman The Animated Series


Batman: The Original Series complete collection


Battlestar Galactica season 1-4


Baywatch complete collection (11 seasons)


Beauty & The Beast




Being Erica season 1-3


Benidorm season 1-3


Beverly Hillbillies complete collection (9 seasons)


Beverly Hills 90210 season 1-7


Beyond The Break season 1-2


Big Love season 1-5


Bionic Woman


Birds of Prey


Black Adder complete collection (5 seasons)


Black Books season 1-3


Black Sash season 1




Blake 7 season 1, 4


Blind Justice season 1


Blood Ties


Bodies season 1-2


Bones season 1-6


Bonkers season 1




Born & Bred season 1-4


Born Survivor season 1-2


Boston Legal season 1-5




Bouquet of Barbed Wire


Boys From the Black Stuff




Breaking Bad season 1-4


Brides In the Bath


Broken Trail


Brotherhood season 1-3


Brothers & Sisters season 1-5


Buffy complete collection (7 seasons)


Burn Notice seasons 1-4


Bury My Hear at Wounded Knee


Californication season 1-4






Captain Planet season 1-4


Carnivale season 1-2


Cashmere Mafi




Changes (1973)


Charlie Jade season 1


Charmed complete collection (8 seasons)


Cheers seasons 1-8




China Beach season 1-4


Chuck season 1-4




Clocking Off season 1-4


Close To Home complete collection (2 seasons)


Cold Case season 1-7


Colditz 1972


Commander in Chief


Commando On The Frontline




Connections season 1-3




Cook Yourself Thin season 1


Cops season 1




Crime Traveller


Criminal Minds season 1-6


Criss Angel Mindfreak season 1-3


Crossing Jordan season 1-6




CSI Miami season 1-9


CSI New York season 1-7


CSI season 1-11


Curb Your Enthusiasm complete collection (7 seasons)


Da Ali G Show season 1-2


Damages season 1-4


Dante's Cove season 3


Dark Angel complete collection (2 seasons)


Dark Blue season 1-2


Dark Skies season 1


Dave Chappelle's Show season 1-3


Dawson's Creek complete collection (6 seasons)


Day Break


Dead Gorgeous


Dead Like Me season 1-2


Dead Zone season 1-6


Deadwood complete collection (3 seasons)


Derren Brown: Trick or Treat seasons 1-2


Desmonds season 1


Desperate Housewives season 1-7


Destination Truth season 1-2


Dexter season 1-4


Diagnosis Murder season 1


Dif'rent Strokes season 1


Dinosaurus season 1


Dirt season 1


Dirty Sexy Money seasons 1-2


Distant Shores season 1-2


Doc Martin season 1-4


Doctor Who (2002) season 1-4


Doctor Who season 19-21




Double Deckers


Dragon's Den season 1-9




Drop the Dead Donkey complete collection (6 seasons)


Duchess of Duke Street season 2


Due South complete collection (3 seasons)


Dynasty season 1-6


E-Ring season 1


E.R. season 1-14


Earth 2


Earth: Final Conflict season 1-5


Earthworm Jim season 1-2


Ed season 1-4


Eleventh Hour


Eli Stone seasons 1-2


Entourage season 1-8


Ergo Proxy


Escape from Colditz


Eureka season 1-4


Everwood complete collection (4 seasons)


Everybody Hates Chris season 1-4


Everybody Loves Raymond complete collection (9 seasons)


Extras season 1-2


Falcon Beach season 1


Fallen (mini-series)


Family Guy season 1-10


Famous Five seasons 1-3


Farscape complete collection (4 seasons)


Father Dowling Mysteries season 1-3




First Wave


Flash Forward


Flash Gordon (2008)


Flavour of Love season 1-3


Flight of the Conchords season 2


Fonejacker season 1


Footballers Wives season 2 & 5


Frankencise Trail


Frasier complete collection (11 seasons)




Fresh Prince of Bel Air complete collection (6 seasons)


Friday Night Lights season 1-5


Friends complete collection (10 seasons)




Full House complete collection (8 seasons)


FullMetal Alchemist complete collection




Futurama complete collection (6 seasons)


Game On


Gaving & Stacey season 1-3


Gene Simmons Family Jewels season 1-6


Generation Kill


George & mildred season 5


George Gently complete collection


Ghost Hunters (TAPS) seasons 3-4


Ghost Towns season 3


Ghost Whisperer season 1-5


Gilmore Girls complete collection (7 seasons)


Girls Next Door season 1-5


Goosebumps season 1, 4


Gossip girl


Grace & Favour season 1-2


Grafters season 2


Green Green Grass season 1-3


Green Hornet


Green Wing season 1-2



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can get rare tv shows on disc or almost any show that was never released on dvd.if u are looking for a show lmk as i may be able to get it :thumbsup:

I bet you cant get Clive Dunn's Grandad or Kenneth Williams Gallopping Galaxies! If you can LMK
no can't get those sorry, those are super rare lol
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This guy's obviously crap, there is plenty of Grandad on YouTube.



The problem is thats just 1 episode its the same one a guy mailed me when I bought a episode of Tiswas about 2 years ago. Their must be more somewhere. Really would love a list because their are stacks of shows I so want to see again I watched in my childhood that arent avaliable on DVD but remembering them is a problem as theirs too many.


I remember watching Little and Large show and really loved the show as a kid but finding any is really awkward. I remember magnusD on here or some other site where this guy had stacks of rare stuff not avaliable on commercial DVDs but finding the guy is difficult.

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