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Changing DVD Player Region

Joey Joe Joe Jr

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Just wondering if anyone has ever changed the region on their DVD player or if such a thing was possible, or could offer a solution. I recently bought Community S2 on DVD but didn't check the Region which it says is Region 1. My DVD player is a Pioneer DV-350. I can still watch it on my laptop having changed the region on the video-player on there and was wondering if the same could be done for the DVD player to watch on the big screen with the family.



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Just google the model number mate, easiest way. As a general rule of thumb you'll find the top end well known manufacturers products quite often cannot be unlocked whilst the cheap and cheerful ones that ASDA and Tesco punt can be region unlocked pretty easily.


Hardest bit is finding the code - if it exists - after that it's just a case of a combination of button presses on the remote control.

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From what I could find, that model can't be unlocked without either hardware changes, making your own electronics to create a special remote, or modifying a Palm Pilot PDA!


You could probably find someone to physically change it for a fee, but it would be cheaper just to buy one of those shitty region-free players from a supermarket for

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Try this method it works on most Pioneer products (not all through):


1. Turn the player on without a disc in it

2. On the remote control, press 'SETUP'

3. Use right arrow to select 'General'

4. Use down arrow to select 'Basic'

5. Press 'ENTER' on the remote control

6. Press 'Display' on the remote control

You should see the region code and OSD version that the player is set to

7. Press 'Condition/Memory'

8. Press '1', '2', '3', '4', '5' or '6' to change the region code of the player

The text will disappear

9. Press ' Display ' on the remote to control the region

10. Press 'SETUP' on the remote to exit. Play the disc

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