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WWE Raw 19/12/11 **Contains Spoilers**

Dingo Warrior

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Just finished watching it. Not much happened but it was an okay episode.


Cena doesn't seem to do many matches anymore on RAW. He had week off and resulted in that boring beatdown from Kane. Although Kane looks brilliant with the mask as mentioned last week he needs to change his tights they look awful. But anyway he looks great in the mask and again. Could be a 2nd favorite for a Rumble winner?


Big Show looks like hes turning heel as I predicted in the TLC thread. I hope he does as Big Show as a heel is brilliant and he has a great storyline to come across as a badass again. In all fairness I have enjoyed his face run this year.


Jinder Mahal has a great look and he looked the business in his attire. Sheamus is still on fire with the crowd and I can see him being the Rumble winner.


Barrett looked strong over Orton. Nice to see a wasteland through a table and they've finally got a name for that Blackhole Slam he does which is now called "The Winds Of Change".


Still not digging Daniel Bryan yet. Great to see Punk and Ryder with the belts though. Ryder's still on top form and I can imagine him facing Ziggler at the Rumble again.


So far for the rumble it look's like we've got:


Royal Rumble Winner: Sheamus


Big Show/Daniel Bryan








Maybe a tag match thrown in last minute.

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I really liked Cena and Mark Henry's promos, and the Kane beatdown was great. He looked like a proper monster, and I thought Cena sold it well. I especially liked his "Gulp" has soon as Kane turned his robotic like mask to him and started walking over. The rest was alright, but there wasn't anything that special. I hate Wade Barrett, I hate his accent, I hate his trunks, I hate his greasy hair, I hate the lame "Barrett Barrage" gimmick, and I hope he does something without Orton because the general dull-ness is rubbing off on him as well now. I also hope that Bryan's title reign is short, I can't stand the funny little man.

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Am I Imagining things or did Cena reference Issac Yankem and the Christmas Creature during his promo on Kane?

Maybe an attempt to win over the Internet fans.

He does that shit all the time. Has done for a while.


Loved Mark Henry's response to the sexual chocolate chants "I've just lost my title, I'm not in the mood for jokes". Awesome.

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I have to say I enjoyed last night's Raw.Punk,Ryder and Bryan seemed to be having the time of their lives in the opening segment and who can blame them.Great main event as well.

Add me to the list of former Cena haters who have been converted this year.His promo last night was well delivered(including the references to two old Kane gimmicks)and he sold the beat down fantastically.He was great last week aswell when accepting the Slammy for him and The Rock.

Nice to see the tag teams getting a feature on Raw aswell.


My only complaint was the lack of John Laurinaitis on this weeks episode. :(


Not a fantastic Raw but an enjoyable one all the same.

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I loved this episode.


It was great to see fresh faces on top, WWE have really been trying as it seems recently to push new talent. By the looks they're trying to some degree to begin a tag team division to keep up with Air Boom. They have a incredible roster at the moment and all the young guys are starting to shine, heck like somebody already mentioned we've had no Cena matches on RAW for some time now. Loved the main event.


Can anyone confirm if the rumble this year is 30 or 40 men?

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Yup, loved it.


Sweet opening with CM Punk, Zack Ryder and Daniel Bryan. I hope these guys are the future and i'm really happy for all of them. The 3 heels could hopefully be main eventers for years to come.


Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton was good, built up the feud more and I suppose they are destined to cancel each other out in the Rumble?


Hey I like Alicia Fox.


I really am coming around to Jinder Mahal, thought he looked class with his turban and his promo was great. Hopefully he impressed officials with Sheamus in the match to get a bit of a push.


John Cena looks to be on a collision course with kane at the Rumble...I thought thats when they'd start him feuding with the Rock again though...still good to have the Big Red Machine back.


Personally i really like the 40 Man Rumble and i still think the roster is big enough to do it, a few guys may have to pull double duty wrestling a match then wrestling in the Rumble but sure, why not?


The Uso Bros are awesome, I said in the "Comments thread" but I'm glad there are new Tag Teams in matches and they are proper teams with matching gear...anyone else notice King call Epico, Carlito?


How crap is the Royal Rumble promo though?


Cody Rhodes vs Santino was a bit blah, if Cody was actually a nutter he'd have just battered Santino there and then.


Main event was great stuff, i love that these 3 guys were so prominent in the show and i've got a real positive feeling about wwe heading into 2012!

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anyone else notice King call Epico, Carlito?


He's fucking hopeless, isn't he? His drop in quality since he begun in WWE has been unbelievable.


It was a great Raw, though, in places. Didn't care much for the opening bit, just seemed a standard set-up for the 6 man, but it made the titles look as though they are important.


Barrett v Orton was good but what the fucking hell? Since when is a thumb in the fucking eye a disqualification? That pretty much confirms that Ric Flair will never wrestle in the WWE again. Completely ridiculous, but I like this feud, and at least Barrett's hair looks better once he's started and it gets messed up.


Rhodes v Santino was standard but Rhodes is bloody great on the mic and I love the fact that he's adopted the Alabama Slam. He needs to throw in the little spin that Hardcore Holly used to do, though, and that would seal it.


What more can I say about the women's match? I mean, it's not as if just the wrestling is shit, because obviously it is. And obviously, as dreadful as she has become, Phoenix didn't deserve to have her face mangled by Rihanna Fox. But I don't know what they're fucking doing with the booking here at all, ever since the start of this Phoenix / Natalya alliance. It's far and away the worst thing in the WWE right now. The fucking pits. At least it only lasted a minute.


The Usos entrance is bloody magic (not as good as Samoa Joe's that time during some TNA PPV that I can't remember with the Samoan dancers, but still great) and that was a nice little match. Why do all Samoans have to do the same bloody moveset, though? Just bring back Rikishi, for fuck's sake.


The Big Show bit was ace, teasing the turn. I'm not convinced that he will, but he probably will. The Cena / Kane bit was good as well, plus I liked the Mark Henry involvement and his promo was cracking. This all pours water on the Cena heel turn hints, but it was all very well done by WWE, that.


Sheamus v Mahal was pointless although I did like Mahal calling him Carrot Top during the match. They could do something with him if they can get the useless commentators to shut up with the cultural stereotype shit.


6 man tag was excellent, though, and I likes Cole going mental at Punk at the end. "I'm taking my time" was a good laugh as well.


As for the mystery promo, it's got to the point where I care less who it is and more about just seeing another of them. They are absolutely quality.



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