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Dropkixx Ilford


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Took my friend along tonight, funnily there was a cabaret going on next door


results and views are as followed


Lucas Jackson defeated The Masked Marauder

really good opener, loved the marauder character.


Lazer Lagden defeated Mountain Stu

not so great as the opener but decent. Lagden was a good heel


Eddy and Matt Ball vs Broki

The site of two 10 year olds made me go and watch the cabaret next door


Dave Rose defeated El ?

didn't really get into this one... It was one of those matches where I didn't know what to think. Rose was entertaining enough


Jazz ? and partner defeated Josh Faulkner and Will Harper

Jazz and partner were god awful, Faulkner and Harper carried the match, big improvement in Harper, Faulkner looked great, I see big things for him in 2012


Devin Burn and Callum Bullseye vs The Royal Scotsmen

had to leave midway through, The Scotsmen are still in my mind one of the best tag teams I've seen. Bullseye seemed a bit bland. From what I saw of it, good match.


Overall well worth the

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The show was not as good as the last Dropkixx show I attended in Ilford, but I believe it was an ok show all the same. Unfortunately, the ring was still being set up when people arrived and the show thus started late.


-Lucas Jackson faced the Masked Marauder(?) in what as an alright opener. Jackson put in a good effort, but the match did stall in places and the two didn't really gel with one another. The finish came when Jackson got the win.


-Lazer Lagden faced Mountain Stew and this was an ok match. Lagden is a good heel and picked up the victory.


- Dave Rose beat El (?) in an average match which was carried by Rose. Neither man really stood out and I was expecting more from Rose after his performance at the previous Ilford show. I think his opponent may have dragged him down.


- Josh Faulker and Will Harper faced two guys I did not catch the name of. Harper was the best in this match while Faulker, as per usual, tried too hard to get a reaction and soon became tiresome.


-Finally, the main event say Devin Byrne & Callum Bullseye Chuck take on The Flying Scotsmen. This was the best match on the show and a good main event. All four guys worked well with one another, although I do feel it was a little slow in places.


Overall, the show was okay but not as good as the last show. None of the matches really stood out and it didn

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Few things after reading your review mate


The Masked Marauder match was one of the best matches on the bill


I agree with your views on Lagden/Rose


Faulkner tried to hard to get a reaction? Nonsense if anything it was nothing compared to September, while on the wrist he asked the crowd if he should break it! That was all. Faulkner was obviously the better in the match being more experienced. However Harper showed improvement.


Good to see the main event was good really gutted I had to miss it.

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