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Next year (this year?) can we have a section for best podcast and/or non-wrestling TV show? With shows like the New Age Outlaws and Zach Ryder ones, Cabana and Lagana's podcasts, the YouShoot / Guest Booker series and plenty more besides, I think there is more than enough stuff around to get enough interest in such a category.

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What the fuck Gladstone?I created a thread for suggestions just such as these a couple weeks back and it was just a massive spackfest full of awful ideas that made me regret starting it in the first place.Where were you then?Too late for this year.

I only just thought of it! Plus I made (non-mongy) suggestions in that other thread that got no response at all, Mr Grumbletrousers.
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Going to have to think about these. This was a strong year for match quality in WWE alone but no obvious clear cut winners for most of the other areas.


Forum Led by: tiger_rick



Took ages to get my name on there. Not letting it go now.


Hadn't really noticed Hage was in charge of it now. IIRC you took over running the Awards from neil, right? Seems almost like a stepping stone up the UKFF hierarchy. Chest will be running the place soon. ;)


What the fuck Gladstone?


I created a thread for suggestions just such as these a couple weeks back and it was just a massive spackfest full of awful ideas that made me regret starting it in the first place.


Where were you then?



Too late for this year.


I missed that thread and for the most part I like things the way they are now but I wouldn't mind seeing 'Thread of the Year' make a comeback next year (presuming it's too late for this).


If you are taking suggestions for next year then can't think of anything of the top of my head that would improve things (maybe Mo's idea of splitting MOTY into WWE and Everything Else could work although then it wouldn't really be Match of the Year so even then maybe best to leave it).


We need an award for Most Hilarious Nominations, looking at certain posters' noms.


Couldn't that risk discouraging people from nominating what they actually thought was best and limiting themselves to whatever they thought the popular consensus would be that year.


I mean like if you think Abyss is the best worker the business or something then most people will you're wrong but at least you're being honest. Better that than everyone nominating the same five people.

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Yeah, i'm gonna have a hard time cutting down MOTY to just 3 noms (i've only nominated in one section and struggled to leave it at 3 there, i suck). There's been some total beauts all through this year.


Don't we usually have a biggest anti-climax category, or similar? Or was that scrapped long ago? I think that should be a mainstay personally, wrestling is full of them.

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That one did exist still last year, but I scrapped it.


I wasn't really sure it was necessary, so I asked someone to step up and defend its existence or it would be scrapped. But to be fair I only asked that in Paid.


So make your case now! Only you* can save Christmas! the Biggest Anti Climax Award!


If anyone can move this man of stone it will be the PM Don.



* I mean this. Not interested in listening to anyone else yak on so don't bother please.

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Ha! Nice.


Well, i think it's just a fun category and as i mentioned, pro-wrestling these days is just full of anti-climaxes. It's probably what WWE do best over the last half-decade, creating hot, exciting angles that go absolutely nowhere. This past year has been a serious hotbed for them with quite possibly the biggest anti-climax i've had as a fan and i think for many others on this board, without even really thinking about it too much there's all these suckas:


-CM Punks leaving the WWE (...for a week)

-2.21.11 becoming obvious it isn't Sting (i enjoyed what it did turn out to be but i'm confident others felt it was a massive anti-climax when it was clear it wasn't the Stinger)

-CM Punks Nexus going nowhere and having zero purpose whatsoever

-Alberto Del Rios WWE title reign(s)

-The Immortal angle

-The COO / Conspiracy /Triple H-Vince/ Superstar walk-out/Awesome Truth story thread

-The Rocks WrestleMania involvement

-The Kevin Nash angle


-Sin Cara

-The reason for Rock being at Survivor Series


That's probably enough to make a case without thinking about it too long.





PM Don

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